Thursday, March 29, 2012

Guided By Voices: Let's Go Eat The Factory


It opens pretty kick-ass with "Laundry and Lasers" and plays through classic GBV lo-fi snippets to "Doughnut for a Snowman" a true to form GBV number. ("Starts off the day.. with a krispy kreme doughnut as sweet as life can get") The problem with this album, is it falls short of being an album. There's too many mini-rough cuts that go nowhere. This could have been edited down to an impressive EP. But leave it to the ever prolific Robert Pollard, to release more than enough material that's essential. In essence, it's not of the caliber of Bee Thousand, or Alien Lanes, but skipping through the record, there are a few gems worth owning. The best part of the album is the return of Tobin Sprout and Pollard's harmonies, but they only feature on a couple tracks.

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