Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Skraeckoedlan to re-release second album "Sagor" on colored vinyl

The Sign Records will re-release the second album "Sagor" by Skraeckoedlan on colored vinyl August 14. The album, which turns five years old this year, will be released on 180g double LP with gatefold cover. The first pressing is limited to 1000 copies, and the vinyl is available for pre-orders today.

Skraeckoedlan's second album "Sagor" was released in June 2015 on Razzia / Sony Music. The album was praised by both critics and fans, and the physical release has for long been difficult to obtain. This year, the album turns 5 years old. To celebrate this, Skraeckoedlan has partnered up with The Sign Records for a physical re-release of the vinyl. The band has previously collaborated with the label - in 2018, The Sign Records released a repress of Skraeckoedlan's debut album "Äppelträdet", and in the fall of 2019 Skraeckoedlan headlined The Sign Records' traveling festival "The Sign Fest".

Robert Lamu, vocalist and guitarist in Skraeckoedlan, states:

"We are very happy to finally be able to re-release our album "Sagor" on vinyl after 5 long years. This album means a lot to us, and it feels good to finally be able to offer it on the format it was meant for."

"Sagor" will be available in 1000 copies of colored, 180g double LP. Like the original, the album will have a gatefold cover. In addition, the design of the cover artwork will have a few changes. Besides the re-release of "Sagor", The Sign Records will also release a new pressing of Skraeckoedlans debut album "Äppelträdet" in 500 copies of 180g purple vinyl.

The re-release of "Sagor", as well as the new pressing of "Äppelträdet", will be out on vinyl format August 14. Both albums are available as pre-orders today.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Miserable Chillers Announce New Album 'Audience of Summer' Out 8/7 On Baby Blue, Share Lead Single "La nave del olvido"

Brooklyn-based Miserable chillers share "La nave del olvido," the first single off of the upcoming album Audience of Summer, due out August 7th via Baby Blue. A bright, dreamy, and slightly psychedelic indie pop track, "La nave del olvido" is about a deep sea voyage that discovered plastic bags and other trash amongst undiscovered creatures.

On the track, The Deli praises, "In this sense, the track, which borrows its name from Jose Jose song that bandleader Miguel Gallego’s mother used to play frequently in his youth, feels like an oasis hidden from the outside world’s prying eyes; dulcet baroque pop meets the relaxed attitude of 80s yacht rock, congealing to a final product that feels both dreamy and present, music perfect for poolside listening and internal reflection."

Fifty percent of proceeds from Bandcamp digital purchases of the record and single will be donated to Bed-Stuy Strong.

Rich Girls Share New Single "The Fighter," All Proceeds From Bandcamp Digital Purchases Donated To SPLC, Track Out Now On All DSPs

NYC-based art punks Rich Girls share "The Fighter," a new single, an anthem of low-key defiance. From frontwoman Lusia Black: “Fuck bigots, it’s all I thought about this year. If it’s about anything, it’s about that.”

The Deli states, "Against a forward-facing, march-inducing beat and heavy reverb electric guitar, bandleader Luisa Black’s vox maintains a steely defiance, embedding the track with an energy that’s both haunting and invigorating for the listener."

All proceeds from Bandcamp digital purchases of the single will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Rich Girls combine the polish of British art rock with the primitive energy of American garage. Dark, melodic, raw by design, the band began as the solo recording project of Luisa Black after the breakup of her San Francisco garage band The Blacks and evolved around a series of dark pop demos Black wrote while living in London. A steady stream of EPs cemented the Rich Girls high/low sound and found a small following in unexpected outposts across the UK and Europe. Rich Girls live create a big, urgent sound out of minimal elements. Black City, their first full-length, was released in Spring 2018, followed by singles "Better" (2019) and most recently, "The Fighter" on June 26, 2020. The band is based in NYC.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Austin-Based Alt- Rockers The Dragon Berries Address Toxic Relationships in New Single

Austin-based alt-rock quartet, The Dragon Berries, announce their new track, "Get on My Side," from their upcoming EP, And The Moon Turned Red out July 10, 2020. The new release emphasizes the importance of self-worth and overcoming depression and anxiety, intertwined in a track composed of anthemic rap rock with a dance-inducing vibe.

The band states, “Get on My Side” is a song that portrays experiences from an unhealthy relationship. Oftentimes, we find ourselves in a situation where the toxicity of a relationship is what keeps us coming back for more. The tone of the song as a whole was intended to capture that dark, yet satisfying feeling of dysfunctional romance. It presents that the best way to overcome a troubled relationship is to leave it. In this case, leaving in a civil manner and coming to terms with what isn’t meant to be."

Creating an eclectic soundscape, the group’s influences range from 60's, 70's, and 90's rock to modern hip-hop, including inspirations like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Jimi Hendrix, Eminem, and Kendrick Lamar.

The Dragon Berries were created when Connor Poteat and Quinn Donoghue were living together in Boone, NC while attending Appalachian State University. They started writing songs together with the intent of starting a band. Poteat decided to leave school and move to Austin, Texas in 2017 where he met both Chris DePalatis and Reid Harmon. He showed them some rough recordings of several songs and they subsequently decided to join the group. Donoghue then moved to Austin in early 2018 and the musical journey of The Dragon Berries was underway.

Stay tuned for more announcements from The Dragon Berries as they prepare to release And The Moon Turned Red this summer!

London's Lucy and the Rats hurl glorious dreamy power-pop Molotov cocktail “On Fire”

Lucy and the Rats have a new video for their track “On Fire” from the band’s upcoming LP Got Lucky out on July 3rd via Stardumb Records, Surfin’ Ki (LP), and Dirty Water Records (CD). Led by Australian vocalist/bassist Lucy Ellis, formerly of the pop-punk outfit The Spazzys, she is joined by guitarists Joe Tolosa and Liam Brody, as well as drummer Manu Santos. Additionally, famed Australian musician and tattoo artist Johnny Casino provides guest guitar work on the upcoming record.

On Fire” burns bright as Lucy extols a love too hot to touch. Brimming with a vintage vibe that might conjure up memories of early-’60s girl group classics like The Crystals or The Ronettes, the song’s chiming, sing-a-long melody finds Lucy and the Rats smoldering with a cool fire. The video for the cut follows suit with archival and B movie scenes straight out of a teen dream from the times.

Plants and Animals Announce New Album 'The Jungle' out October 23 via Secret City Records

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing and night

Montreal indie rock trio Plants and Animals announce The Jungle, their fifth studio album set to be released October 23rd via Secret City Records. Their shortest album yet and certainly their boldest, The Jungle is eight acts in a world full of noise. The album is self-produced and was recorded at Mixart, their studio in Montreal. Today they share their lead single and video "House on Fire," an upbeat and energetic anthem that seemed to be aligning perfectly with the surreal summer the world will experience this year. "House on Fire" came from Warren’s haunting feeling that a friend who was taking too many sleeping pills might forget to turn his stove off.

The band explains: “We started working on this a couple of years ago. Warren was afraid for a friend’s health. He thought he was self-medicating too much and not taking care of himself. He couldn’t let go of this image of an overworked dude swallowing too many sleeping pills and falling asleep with the stove on. So it began as the place next door, sometime before Greta Thunberg turned the expression into a rallying cry, where Earth is the house and the people are sleeping. It’s terrifying, and on the whole we’re not unlike this friend, are we?"

The Jungle starts with electronic drums that sound like insects at night. A whole universe comes alive in the dark. It’s beautiful, complex and unsettling. Systematic and chaotic. All instinct, no plan. Voices taunt, "yeah yeah yeah." This tangled time in which we find ourselves is reflected back in shadows.

These are personal experiences made in a volatile world, and they reflect that world right back at us, even by accident. There’s one song Nic sings to his teenage son who was dealing with climate change anxiety and drifting into uncharted independence. The band carries it out slowly together into a sweet blue horizon. Warren wrote the words to another shortly after losing his father. It’s about the things we inherit not necessarily being the things we want. In a broader sense, that’s where a lot of people find themselves right now.

Plants and Animals is an iconic Montreal-based trio that began playing together as kids and emerged on the international scene in 2008 with “Parc Avenue”. The band has developed a varied cult following ever since, built on the shoulders of their self-produced records and their intense live shows. “Parc Avenue” was a critically acclaimed record (Pitchfork 8/10) released during the famous Montreal-is-the-new-Seattle music moment. 

This release set Plants and Animals as an incredible live force, a powerful songwriting trio and opened doors for them to tour the world many times over with people like Portugal. The Man, Gnarls Barkley and more. Three other releases followed and kept the band’s status up high : La La Land (2010) “they’re complicated and gorgeous [songs] and feel as innate as desire itself.” (Paste Magazine), The End of That (2012) “vibrant, constantly rewarding” (Spin) and Waltzed in from the Rumbling (2016) “... the strike rate is remarkably high” ★★★★ (Q Magazine). The band was shortlisted (2008) and longlisted (2010) for the Polaris Music Prize and received multiple Juno Awards and ADISQ Awards nominations over the years.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Sammi Rae Releases Reggaton Single “Nunca”

Captivating reggaeton singer Sammi Rae has released her single and lyric video for the track “Nunca”; available Friday June 12th on YouTube and all the major services.

With a vibe and a sound that brings to mind a sunset over an island bay, “Nunca” is a timeless tale about the perils of love. Once you really care about and trust someone, it seems like you are ultimately let down every time. Your kindness is taken advantage of, you are being taken for granted, and you end up getting hurt.

Well now, she’s done being judged and criticized for her caring ways! She’s not gonna change who she is for anyone, especially not someone who doesn’t appreciate or value her.

This past year Sammi Rae, who has been praised by audiences nationwide for her strong and soulful voice and sultry demeanour, found her voice in the reggaeton genre with several releases alongside Los Vegas; where the back and forth call and answer formula between the female/male and english/spanish is implemented precisely with a tension and passion that is palpable for any listener. Tracks included the sexy and unpredictable sound of "City Lights", the duo’s original collaboration “Escapate” and the bouncing singles "Baby Baila" and "Ella Se Atreve".

For More Information on Sammi Rae VISIT:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/sammi_murciano

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sammi.murciano

Monday, June 22, 2020

Wugo | New single "Coachella" is out now!

French artist from Lyon, Wugo has made a name for himself in French electro pop music.

Singer, composer and music producer, Wugo sails through dreams and takes us into the meanders of the spirit of a French artist, where storms and sun rays get along.

In constant renewal, along with his keyboards, his guitar and his crystal-clear voice, Wugo takes us, through each of his compositions, in a swirl of emotions and enchanting melodies.

The result is outstanding, melancholic, rebel and exhilarating at the same time.

With this new single, Wugo takes us into summer vibes thaht we've all dreamed of.

Rhythmed by sounds reminiscent of Daft Punk's textural games, Phoenix's flights of fancy and Julien Granel's playful pop, "Coachella" is the anthem of a summer we've all been waiting for. 

Contrary to the name it takes from the famous American festival, "Coachella" is an ode to simple pleasure and an invitation to relativism after this unprecedented situation.

"Coachella" is out now!

WATCH: Sin City drop spaghetti western inspired video single "wafting of gun smoke that gallops into drunken, sepia-toned glory"

Boy Howdy! The Sin City boys are back with a brand new, whiskey-soaked video for their single High Noon. The clip sees the pair crooning a Marty Robbins-esque murder ballad while simultaneously marauding their way through the deserts of southern Spain.

Their love for Sergio Leone spaghetti western schlock is proudly worn on their western-shirt sleeves and the video makes numerous references to the western films of the 50s and 60s. So smell the gun smoke and ride into the drunken, sepia-toned glory of Sin City!

The song is taken from their second long-player ‘Next Exit Sin City,’ which follows fast on the heels of their April debut. In fact, Sin City has proven themselves to be a two-man quarantine song factory, as two brand new tracks accompany the High Noon single and rumours already abound of further offerings to come… There are clearly no flies on Sin City!!

AMIGOS ESPANOLES!! The boys are getting there our elaborate stage show ready for some summer shows around Spain!!

For a free download of Sin City’s back catalogue:

The Crawling release mini documentary "A REASON TO CRAWL"

As we are all very aware, due to the covid-19 pandemic, the live music scene as we knew it has ended. Of course this is a temporary situation, but truth be told, no one truly knows how this will move forward; we just need to take it one step at a time. The Crawling have responded by continuing to create -  focusing on play through videos, live facebook events and social media. Amidst this, Andy (vocals / guitar), has taken time to reflect upon playing live, providing a narrative to accompany vlog footage from the bands last UK tour, aptly entitled “A REASON TO CRAWL.”

Vocalist / guitarist Andy Clarke commented: “As a band, we (The Crawling) have found ourselves confined to a digital platform until restrictions are eased, and we can at least meet for rehearsal, never mind play a show. I was growing increasingly frustrated by the lack of gigs, and i needed to do something, so i just took the time to reflect upon some of the shows from last year. It’s not a substitute, but it’s a reminder of what we had, what we do, who we are, why we do it, and what we have to look forward to.”

Friday, June 19, 2020

New Country Rock Song, '8 Years' by TopJaw

8 Years Cover Art.jpg

TopJaw is a Los Angeles based hard rock / blues rock power trio.

8 Years is the seventh and final release in TopJaw's first EP. It's a rock song with a twang, and is arguably the band's most personal song. 8 Years was written by guitarist, Mike Kindel, and details the first eight years after college, living in Los Angeles and making mistakes, but also finding himself and becoming a man.

TopJaw are an up and coming hard rock / blues rock band based out of Los Angeles, CA. They bring the glory days of Rock n’ Roll to the modern stage and blend intricate Zeppelin-like riffs with contagious melodies reminiscent of The Eagles, along with an energetic, heavy-hitting tone similar to artists like Audioslave and Van Halen. Often spoken of in the same vein of contemporary acts like Shinedown and Greta Van Fleet, the three-piece are already taking America by storm, with nine singles in the works and plans for world domination ready in due course.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

FORDOMTH to unleash "Is, Qui Mortem Audit" on Auric Records

Italian Black/Death metal misanthropes FORDOMTH are set to release their follow up to their much-praised debut "I.N.D.N.S.L.E."

"Is, Qui Mortem Audit" consists of four tracks (five on CD) of intense and pure Sicilian darkness for fans of Malthusian, Mgła, Mizmor, Wiegedood.

In stores June 26, 2020.