Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Slaves of Fashion goes to Seattle

Norwegian band SLAVES TO FASHION continues to honor 50 years of heavy metal. In 2020 the band is releasing a new song every month that is inspired by and pays tribute to the different time periods and subgenres of heavy metal. All the songs will become the concept album "The History of Heavy Metal".

The band's sixth single "Garden of Chains" is now released. The song pays tribute to grunge, the genre from Seattle that changed the world of heavy music in the early 1990's with its stripped down sound, everyday image and introverted lyrics. Grunge is therefore controversial among many metal fans. However, some of the heavier bands are very important parts of the metal history and the song is inspired by two of these bands, namely Soundgarden and Alice In Chains.

The new single succeeds the songs "1970", "The Priest of Maidenhead", "Sex, Drugs & Rock 'N' Roll", "Thrash of the Titans" and "Expressions of Extremity" in the concept album project.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Punk’n’roll at it's finest - The Hawkins to release new single "Hilow"

High-flying Swedish rockers The Hawkins are back with their new single "Hilow", out on August 7. The single is the third release from the band's upcoming album "Silence is a Bomb", out on The Sign Records September 4. Released alongside their new music video, the single features catchy choruses, strong hooks, pop melodies and heavy guitars; The Hawkins is the band you didn't know you were longing for.

"Hilow” is The Hawkins strong follow-up to the album’s two previous direct hit-singles, "Roomer" and "Stones". With a splendid mix of swing, energy and punk’n’roll the band deliver rock music at its finest. The new single "Hilow" is a track that works just as well for that well needed extra motivation during the work out as it does booming out of the speakers at the local alt-rock club. A song filled to the brim with some of the band's staple qualities; catchy choruses, strong hooks, pop melodies and heavy guitars.

The Hawkins debut album “Ain’t Rock N Roll” (released via GAIN/Sony Music) entered the world with a superb bang in October 2017. The album included the single ”Fuck You All I’m Outta Here”, a powerful song with a strong anti-fascist message which quickly gained momentum in the Swedish rock scene, securing the band’s role as one the most promising bands of the country. Now, in 2020, they're finally back with their new album "Silence is a Bomb". An album filled with tracks that will make you go “Damn, that song is stuck in my head” after a single listen. Drums, bass and guitars just waiting to explode - The Hawkins are always ready to drop the bomb.

"Hilow" will be released as a digital single August 7. Taken from The Hawkins second album "Silence is a Bomb", released by The Sign Records on September 4 on vinyl, CD, and digital format.

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Take a magic, flying camper on a trip through space in Volcanova's new Music Video

Today, Volcanova released "Super Duper Van" - the third and last single from their upcoming album "Radical Waves", released by The Sign Records on August 21. Alongside the catchy fuzz-rock anthem the trio also released a new head-spinning, unforgettable music video that you don't want to miss! Because who could say no to a video of the Icelandic trio flying through space in a magic camper?

“Super Duper Van” is the third and final single leading up to Volcanova’s debut album “Radical Waves”. The Icelandic band, whose resumé includes 2 full UK tours and opening gigs for Elder and The Vintage Caravan to name a few, has written a true anthem. “Super Duper Van” offers everything one could expect in a well-written stoner rock song - fuzzy riffs, headbanging bass grooves and spaced out lyrics. Adding to that is a tasteful use of vocal harmonies, rarely found in this genre of music.

The album, "Radical Waves", is to be released on August 21 by The Sign Records. An album that, in short, can best be described as a collection of uplifting moments with epic guitar solos that are underpinned by head banging bass grooves complemented with a tasteful use of cowbell!

Friday, July 31, 2020

THE YUMMY FUR: 90s Scottish cult-indie rock royals and their much championed heraldry

Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, The Yummy Fur were a wild and weird mix of angular riffs, super-short songs and savage vitriol / sardonic social commentary. Singer/guitarist, John McKeown, fronted the band from their 1992 inception (scores of cartoon melodies under a minute long delivered at high velocity) until their demise in 1999 (after morphing into a more muscular beast armed with eerie Eno-esque synths and longer, more hypnotic grooves.)

Along the way they recorded three albums: Night Club (1996), Male Shadow at Three O'Clock (1998) and Sexy World (1999). Firm favorites of John Peel, they recorded two sessions for the much-revered DJ and regularly featured on his show. Known for their disconcertingly direct approach to lyrics and performance, the band can seem like quite a ferocious proposition if it wasn't for their friendly onstage demeanour and good humour. On the few occasions when they've performed in recent years the live show seems bizarrely to have only increased in intensity.

After splitting in 1999, McKeown went on to sign to Rough Trade with his band 1990s whilst drummer Paul Thomson and floating member Alex Kapranos formed Franz Ferdinand. Now, with the imminent release of Piggy Wings (Rock Action), a compilation of the best 7" and album tracks including cult hit, Policeman, the band have reformed to play with a line up featuring original members McKeown on vocals, Paul Thomson (Franz Ferdinand) on drums, lead guitarist Brian McDougall plus the addition of bassist Dino Bardot (1990s / Franz Ferdinand).

"We could be like Micheal Stipe and say we liked the Yummy Fur a lot, but that would be a lie because we LOVED the Yummy Fur with all of our heart! Being able to join them on stage for the reunion tour when they played in Portland stands out to us as one of our greatest achievements in our band's career. We didn't just like them, we adored them & obsessively collected anything that had to do with them. They were a beautiful mystery to us in America. Who were these strange weirdos that sang about Lydia Lunch and wrote these 2-minute post-punk masterpieces? Yes, the Yummy Fur were the greatest British group in our humble opinions." - Beth & Nathan (The Gossip)

The Yummy Fur
are John McKeown, Paul Thomson, Brian MacDougall and Dino Bardot.

Piggy Wings Tracklisting:

1. Department

2. Plastic Cowboy

3. In The Company Of Women

4. Kirtsy Cooper

5. The Canadian Flag

6. Roxy Girls

7. Sexy World

8. Policeman

9. St John of the Cross

10. The Career Saver

11. Supermarket

12. Colonel Blimp

13. Chinese Bookie

14. Death Club

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Sin City come out guns A-blazing with their 3rd full length offering ‘SIN CITY OR BUST’

Their 3rd full length offering this year, 'SIN CITY OR BUST' expands on their self-described 'Dad Rock' formula to deliver a more 'polished' DIY 70s sound. Traces of Big Star, Tom Petty and Neil Young can be heard on tracks like 'Where There's Smoke (There's Fire)' and lead single 'Pissin' In The Wind.' Yet there's still plenty of the spaghetti western sneer and 60s soul flair that defined their previous releases to be heard here, and these boys from New Zealand show no signs of slowing down. Having already played several shows around their adopted city of Alicante, Spain, they've set their sights on Europe with a rag-tag tour being planned from late August till October.

SIN CITY OR BUST clearly proves Sin City's ongoing 'Exile on the Costa Blanca' songwriting sessions still bear powerful fruit. So take a bite and let that forbidden juice dribble down yo chin...

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

A never-ending ride through outer space - Volcanova to release "Super Duper Van" Single

Iceland based power-trio Volcanova will release "Super Duper Van" on July 31. The single is the last one leading up to their upcoming debut album "Radical Waves", out August 21 on The Sign Records. Released with a music video, "Super Duper Van" tells the tale of a never-ending ride through outer space in a magic, flying camper, and has an epic chorus made possible by the band's three singers.

“Super Duper Van” is the third and final single leading up to Volcanova’s debut album “Radical Waves”. The Icelandic band, whose resumé includes 2 full UK tours and opening gigs for Elder and The Vintage Caravan to name a few, has written a true anthem. “Super Duper Van” offers everything one could expect in a well-written stoner rock song - fuzzy riffs, headbanging bass grooves and spaced out lyrics. Adding to that is a tasteful use of vocal harmonies, rarely found in this genre of music.

The album, "Radical Waves", is to be released on August 21 by The Sign Records. An album that, in short, can best be described as a collection of uplifting moments with epic guitar solos that are underpinned by head banging bass grooves complemented with a tasteful use of cowbell!

Volcanova was founded in the summer of 2014 with principle song writer Samúel Ásgeirsson on guitar and vocals and after a few lineup changes the band finally settled on a winning formula with Þorsteinn Árnason of (Rock Paper Sisters) on bass and vocals and Dagur Atlason (Churchhouse Creepers) on drums and vocals.

The single "Super Duper Van" is out everywhere on July 31. Volcanova's debut album "Radical Waves" is released by The Sign Records on August 21 on vinyl, colored vinyl, CD and digital format.

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Monday, July 27, 2020


Today, buzzing singer-songwriter Holly Humberstone has announced that her highly anticipated debut EP will arrive on August 14th, 2020 via Platoon. Produced by Rob Milton (Easy Life), Holly created the EP mostly at home in the old, withering country house that she grew up in. The self-titled release will include three brand new songs in addition to "Deep End," "Falling Asleep At The Wheel" and "Overkill," her acclaimed trio of debut singles.

Holly has gripped audiences across the globe this year, signaling her emergence as one of 2020's biggest breakthrough artists. Her dark and moody style of music is universally relatable, often embracing and translating life's most intense emotions and difficult conversations from mental health struggles to the dizzying feelings of falling for someone for the first time. Pre-save the EP now HERE and see below for complete track-listing information.

Today, Holly's also unveiled a personal new lyric video for her latest single "Overkill", filled with hidden easter eggs that represent people, places and moments that have shaped her throughout the years. "Overkill" perfectly captures the whirlwind of emotions that come with falling for someone new and venturing into the unknown, a sentiment that's reflected in the official music video for the track which Holly filmed with her sister at dusk near their Grantham home.

The 20-year-old artist has already proven herself an undeniable talent with only three songs, having amassed over 20 million streams and over 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify, sold out her first two headlining gigs at Omeara in London this November, and seen radioplay by BBC Radio 1, KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic, Beats 1, Triple J and more. She's been championed by The NY Times, Clash, NME, BBC Introducing, Billboard, Coup De Main Magazine, been placed on NPR's New Music Friday playlist and Spotify's hugely influential TGIF playlist and even landed on the cover of Apple Music's coveted New Music Daily playlist.

Last month, Holly was selected to be a part of Vevo's DSCVR At Home series, a collection of intimate live performances that spotlight emerging artists shaping the future of music. Watch her haunting renditions of "Overkill" and "Falling Asleep At The Wheel" here.

With a performance at Glastonbury 2019 and a recent extended support tour with Lewis Capaldi throughout Europe also under her belt, Holly is destined to be a force for years to come.

Holly Humberstone (Photo Credit: Phoebe Fox)


Deep End
Falling Asleep At The Wheel
Drop Dead

Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Los Angeles-based indie pop singer-songwriter Teddi Gold has today released “Bossa Nova Baby” ft. Latin duo Mi$HNRZ, the second single off her upcoming EP Vol. 2, which is set for release this fall.

On “Bossa Nova Baby,” a slinky and summer-y groove shakes under Teddi’s hypnotic delivery. The track comes on the heels of Vol. 2’s debut single “Confetti” and “BOOM BOOM,” an anthem for equality Teddi released in honor of Pride Month and to support the Black Lives Matter movement. All streaming proceeds from the song will be donated to the ACLU.

In 2019, her single “Cash” paved the way for her debut EP Vol. 1. In addition to widespread praise, Teddi landed on Spotify’s coveted Fresh Finds and Pandora’s Top Hits Playlist. She was also proclaimed a “promising artist” by Pandora’s Next Big Sound. Maintaining this momentum, she joined forces with producer Jon Buscema, Drew Alexander and Jack Ventimigilia and further shaped and sharpened her unpredictable and undeniable pop for Vol. 2.

ALIEN QUEEN releasing crushing sci-fi death doom full length MATRIARCH on July 10th

South London's underground death doom outfit ALIEN QUEEN have returned with their full length debut MATRIARCH. Building on 2018's XENOMORPH EP, the new release features 8 tracks, 52 minutes, and countless massive riffs.

Whereas the XENOMORPH EP was built around songs written for another band that split before the songs were released, MATRIARCH is built from the ground up. Tempos range from "dying slowly in outer space" to "being shredded to ribbons by star spawn", the new album melds the best of death metal and doom metal into a sci-fi drenched horror show.

MATRIARCH will be available on the band's Bandcamp page for just £1 (1.11 euro, $1.26 USD, $1.70CAD) this Friday - pre-orders are up now where you can listen to opening track ALIEN QUEEN. The album will also be available to stream / download from most streaming / download services like Spotify, Deezer, Apple, etc.

In space, no one can hear you riff.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020


Today, creative duo and real life couple Drug Couple share the first single "2027" off of their upcoming EP, Choose Your Own Apocalypse, due out August 14th via PaperCup Music. Starting off with a bright, alt-folk sound, the song "suddenly grinds into higher gear near its end with a blast of jagged guitar distortion swirling like a dream-rock tempest around the pair’s coolly musing vocals," praises The Big Takeover, who premiered the track. "2027" follows the story of a couple of ghosts hanging out in NYC seven years after the 2020 Apocalypse -- oddly prescient, both the song and EP were written long before this year and all of its events occurred.

Their sophomore EP, Choose Your Own Apocalypse, is a collection of songs about finding someone special to share the end-times with. They started writing and recording the EP back in the summer of 2016, as events were leading up to the election of Donald Trump and it already seemed certain that, one way or the other, Armageddon was right around the corner. Drug Couple decided to make an album based around the concept of falling in love mid-apocalypse without fully realizing that’s exactly what they were doing.

A meditation on the idea of holding on tight to love during the worst of times, the album (as well as their recently released single “Protest Song”) proved to be oddly prescient, written long before 2020 turned out to be one of the scariest and most trying years in recent memory. Drug Couple hopes that their clairvoyance wasn’t causal, though they’d be lying if they said they didn’t feel partially responsible for the disintegration of the very fabric of our society.

Choose Your Own Apocalypse is a psychedelic, phantasmal record that draws influence from REM, Primal Scream, Exile era Rolling Stones, and Liz Phair. The EP features Becca on bass, vocals, and vibraphone. Miles on guitar, vocals, keyboard, drums, programming and production, and Pastor Greg on drums.

01. 2027
02. No Legged Dog
03. Bottomless
04. The Ghost
05. Missing To Mars
06. Ain't That Heavy

Drug Couple is Miles and Becca. They met in 2015 and they just want to make cool art together forever.

A real life couple, as well as creative duo, Drug Couple’s music showcases the ongoing dialogue they’re engaged in, and the spirit of deep collaboration that colors their songwriting as well as their lives at home together. The pair released their debut EP ‘Little Hits’ in November of 2019, establishing their unique brand of “off-kilter indie” (The Deli). Their sophomore EP, Choose Your Own Apocalypse is a collection of songs about finding someone special to share the end-times with.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Zaliza Shares New Single "Below" Via The Deli | Announces Double A-side Single "Below"/"Little Raptures" Out August 7th

Today, Zaliza shares her new single "Below," the first from her upcoming double A-side single "Below"/"Little Raptures" out August 7th. The Deli premiered the track, calling it "the perfect soundtrack for emotional turbulence and the fear of truly being known by another." A haunting, captivating expression of vulnerability, writing "Below" came easily to Zaliza. Starting with a poem written about her connection with someone, she immediately found herself lost in the melody once she began to play it through. She brought the voice memo to Clare Moses (Lye Marlow) to produce it, not only because of Moses' talent as an artist, but also her importance as a friend who helped Zaliza navigate that time in her life.

"Below" is out now on streaming platforms and will be followed by single, "Little Raptures", a collaborative effort with Rahiem Taylor of Blac Rabbit next month. "Below"/"Little Raptures" is out August 7th.

Before Zaliza could speak she would hum. From the ages 1 to 2 years old she would sing songs from the Little Mermaid in front of the television every morning until her mom turned on the film. A few years later Zaliza developed epilepsy, and the medication she was put on made her feel like a shell of herself. It was hard to think clearly, to be present and to express herself to others. She would write songs as a way to be understood - if only by herself.

It wasn’t until about three years ago that she decided to take the songs she had kept to herself, now not so clumsy, and make an intention to release them into the world. It would be the unveiling of a side of her few had seen, communicating feelings she couldn’t properly explain in conversation. Collaboration in music has always been her priority, perhaps because it feels that she's finally understood without having to fully explain herself. In music, you can speak in poetry and melodies and not worry about it making sense to others, it's just felt. Even still, music always has a way of crossing communication barriers and speaking to the deeper places within us -- with music, Zaliza knows that she will always be understood.

A few years ago, Zaliza heard the analogy that God is a sculpture and everyone is standing around with different vantage points. When she collaborates, she hopes to combine those vantage points, knowing that her perspective is not the only one. Collaboration to her is a way of growing and learning far more than one could do alone. When she has played live, she's often accompanied by Patrick Jones and Rahiem Taylor from Blac Rabbit, their ways of interpreting music inspiring.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

MOHIT's debut album 'Preface' - single preview ahead of album launch on July 24th

London experimental art-rock outfit MOHIT are set to release their forthcoming debut album ‘Preface’, produced by Marta Salogni (Björk, Liars, The Orielles, Alex Cameron etc) on 24th July, and today share brand new single Infinite Decay.

Infinite Decay came about after a strange and rather mystical encounter in Wales, said drummer Danny Brooks: "We pondered on the thought of an endless state of decay, that is never quite finite, hence the title."

He continues: "Forming from the spiritual encounter, Infinite Decay tries to deliver the human place in the cosmos - or rather - that which is beyond human experience. The song is composed in three parts which eludes to the lyrical concept of a beginning, a middle and an unwritten finale... The relentless looping of vocals echoes the eternity of the idea, as the song ends in a long droning groove which builds, evolves, and takes new forms towards its eventual close."

Shortly after releasing a limited 7” single in late 2018 (Racek / Discover Another) and a second 7” in July 2019 (Yoghurt / Reggaeezer), the progressive trio toured in the UK with Ought and Omni, including a Rough Trade East instore show. They now return with their first full length, an intriguing and transcendental body of work, that takes as much influence from the concept of musical and artistic connection between humans as it does the music and art itself.

Originally formed by Toby Baxter (Guitar/Vocals) and Danny Brooks (Drums/Vocals), and later joined by Jack Daley (Bass), the band honed their expansive sound in London after migrating from the seaside town of Bognor Regis. Their musical influences range from the prog elements of My Bloody Valentine and Broadcast to the dramatism of 19th century composers such as Eric Satie, Wagner, Mahler and Liszt. ‘Preface’ is an example of how MOHIT expertly collage different concepts together to create a whole. The band reveled in the challenge as they endeavoured to create something coherent from their otherwise shared “weirdness”, as they call it.

A deeply personal sonic exploration, the nine tracks that make up ‘Preface’ were borne out of improvisation sessions and a shared need to create something that was both outwardly challenging yet intimate and meditative. To MOHIT, this approach to composing music allows them to be pseudo-passengers on the journey, trialing ideas with a determination to let the music itself inform their collective performance.

The three-year period taken to put together the album allowed the band to gain a sophistication within the creative process, allowing them to express their individual mental states within their work. In this way the songs are formed from the collaboration of the personalities of each band member, and the album acts as a journal of their individual and collective growth over this period. Notable support slots with the likes of The Murlocs, Wooden Shijps, Nothing, Yonatan Gat, Vaadat Charigim, and The Parrots, have given them plenty of opportunity to fine tune this indefinable sound over this time.