Thursday, November 19, 2020

La Femme Releases New Single and Video "Cool Colorado"

After their unanimously acclaimed come-back single “Paradigme,” the French psych-pop band La Femme presents “Cool Colorado,” a new excerpt of their upcoming third album (details TBA). The single is released via the band’s label Disque Pointu, distributed worldwide by IDOL.

“‘Cool Colorado’ alludes to freedom, the insouciance of a journey,” the band explains. “We were somewhere between the states of Utah and Wyoming, during our last American tour, when this ode to the San Francisco of the 70s, which is so rare and precious to us even if we never lived in this period, came to us.”

This new song composed by members Sacha Got and Marlon Magnée immediately evokes the psychedelic spirit. “Colorado is the first American state which legalized cannabis, this is where the line ‘And I smoke in the streets without stress’ comes from,” La Femme adds. “This song is also related to the Beatnik spirit, to the literature of Kerouac. Do you remember the Magic Bus? It was going from Europe to Kathmandu on a now-mythical hippie trail.”

Directed by La Femme and Aymeric Bergada du Cadet, the video for “Cool Colorado” extends the mysterious universe and unique aesthetic of their video for “Paradigme,” released in September. “This is a sort of psychedelic mass parodying the cliché of the ‘teen idol’ in the way of Brian Jones or Swan from ‘Phantoms of the Paradise.’ Like a pastiche of a past period of time. All of these videos parody some clichés of the twentieth century music, from the thirties to nowadays. This new album is a music piece which pays tribute to all the music of the past century.” 

Formed in 2010, the then unknown band hoodwinked the French music industry by lining up a DIY US tour with only $3,000 and an EP. After playing 20 gigs around the US, La Femme returned home with immense interest from the Parisian music scene. “The industry was like, ‘What the fuck? They have an EP out and they are touring in the US and we don’t know them?” Magnée told The Guardian. “So the buzz began to start. When we came back to France, it was red carpet. Fucking DIY.” The band’s 2013 debut album Psycho Tropical Berlin won a Victoires de la Musique award (France’s equivalent to the GRAMMYs), and their 2016 sophomore album Mystére was praised by Sound OpinionsLine of Best FitThe GuardianAll MusicBrooklynVegan, and more. 

Now, La Femme will return with a new album in 2021. “This album does not correspond to one specific period of our lives,” the band explains. “We have always composed songs all along the journey of the band. Therefore, this album is composed with temporality, it has to be seen as a big piece of a puzzle we create. It is an ongoing process, but all this stays in the range of a concept and remains uncertain.”

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Sun Kin Announces New Album 'After the House,' Shares Lead Single "Blue Light (Keeps Me Up at Night)," LP Out 2/12

On Friday, LA-based artist Sun Kin announced their upcoming album, sharing lead single "Blue Light (Keeps Me Up at Night)". The track comes off the producer and musicians upcoming LP After the House. After the House is out February 12th — stream the lead single now and look out for more news from Sun Kin.

"Blue Light (Keeps Me Up at Night)" was inspired by Sade, Blood Orange, Peggy Guo and Nile Rodgers (Chic), as well as by endless YouTube playlists of acid and deep house, much of which sounds like it could have been made at any point in the past 40 years. The tone is yearning but playful, light but also deep, with a propulsive, hopeful energy contrasting the melancholy of the melodies. — Sun Kin

Sun Kin is the project of Los Angeles based producer Kabir Kumar. Born in Bombay, India and raised in five different countries, Kumar’s music is informed by the intimacy and audacious vulnerability that can only exist through learning to bond through transience. Kumar has been making music under the Sun Kin moniker for nearly a decade, traveling from a psych folk project to something more rooted in a combination of the Middle Eastern and Indian pop music they grew up on with elements of Acid House, disco and R&B. Kumar’s whole life as an artist has been marked by momentum and migration. As they’ve homed in on their craft they’ve accumulated new sonic textures, new territories, and different modes of expression. This bricolage and deep inquiry into movement reaches its apotheosis on After the House, Kumar’s fourth full length as Sun Kin. It is here that they conjure together seven dance tracks designed for late night introspection.

While some might fear the idea of a blank page, for Kumar it is essential to their practice. They thrive with limited constraints, favoring any opportunity that allows them to experiment. “I love the feeling of fitting melodies into spaces within the groove. I think of them as friends, little friendly melodies that come over the more dystopian pulse of everything,” they say of the joys of making dance music. In contrast to the naturalistic textures of Kumar’s earlier work, After the House is speckled in drones, cement-colored LFO engineered chords, foggy swaths of chintzy house piano, and subterranean drum machines. To make these songs, Kumar relied heavily on improvisation, often using four on the floor as the basis to each track. Just take “Blue Light (Keeps Me Up at Night),” the first single they finished, as one example of adding vivid and intricate colors and textures to a blank page. The song brims with disco guitars, elastic congas, and meditative vocals which rise up from nothing more than a click track. “Everything fit in. I felt pretty singing the chorus. I felt more pretty than I’ve ever felt singing a chorus,” they say. Or perhaps “In the Cold,” a song inspired by Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite, which features a crystal clear guitar solo and synth decay that feels like sequins on skin under a black light.

Equally essential to their work is collaboration. In 2018, Kumar released a split LP with Miguel Gallego (Miserable chillers), called Adoration Room. Kumar cites this record as a breakthrough for them musically. Gallego continues to be an important confidante, and helped sequence After the House. Kumar also considers their co-producer Geoff Saba (Forest Floor) to be an inspiring collaborator, as well as Julian Fader (Ava Luna), who plays drums on two tracks on the record. “Every time I collaborate with these people I feel like they are imbuing some of their magic into me,” they say. For Kumar, that collaboration is often nomadic, existing in the form of text messages and social media. This is something Kumar is especially excellent at, in part because of their migratory childhood, which taught them how to seek home in unexpected places—like the warm embrace of dance music. So much of Kumar’s craft on After the House is about the bliss that dance music provides, the intimacy it encourages, and the ways in which it can feel like a home for the listener to bask in, and feel safe inside. — Sophie Kemp

01. We Build Tiny Houses for the Dead
02. Trying to Trust
03. Blue Light (Keeps Me Up at Night)
04. Purification Grave
05. In the Cold
06. R.A.S.P.
07. Vishvarupa

Monday, November 16, 2020

The Versions: Chilean 70s rock 'n' roll quartet prep release of third album 'Calling Lucifer'

The Versions, formed in Santiago, Chile in 2004 by Samuel Maqueira and Aldo Benincasa of The Ganjas, along with Luciano Mariño of Los Chinches came together and recorded their debut album “4-Track Summer” with producer Álvaro Gómez (Perrosky).

Six years later, they released their second album 'Resurrection Hotel', where Alejandro Gómez (Solar) got on board (and featured Bernardita Martínez (Guiso) as a special guest) to help cook up their signature sounds of 70s proto-rock 'n' roll and sleazy psychedelia.

With a renewed lineup and a LP in the oven entitled "Calling Lucifer" the Algo Records band has released their most recent single, entitled “Summer Romance”. The album draws influence from Flamin' Groovies, Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, Iggy's Kill City, Nikki Sudden & The Jacobites, Dogs d'amour, among others.

The album features a fiery, cover version of “Fortune of Fame”, originally written by British band Jacobites, along with "It's Not Enough" from Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreaker.s Both songs were recorded and mixed by Alejandro “Perrosky” with mastering by Ivan Julian (Richard Hell and The Voivods).

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Cipher new video for "Auréole Carmin", based on "The Little Red Riding Hood" tale

French melodic death metallers Cipher have published a new lyric video for the track "Auréole Carmin", which is taken from the band's upcoming album, "Bloody Tales From The Past", which conceptual theme will be based in the classic tale "The Little Red Riding Hood".

Monday, November 9, 2020

UK Stoner Crew ORBITAL JUNCTION release debut album 'Egos & Instincts' plus live news

UK Stoner Rock quartet ORBITAL JUNCTION have powered through 2020 with a no holds barred approach to their album campaign, taking lockdown to release a series of hugely successful singles in the lead up to their debut album EGOS & INSTINCTS, followed by imminent release on limited edition vinyl, and a chance to experience it through the rarest of 2020 mediums; LIVE (5th November).

EGOS & INSTINCTS is a compendium of huge sounding stoner/desert rock, from the downtempo Green Man with its ethereal groove, to the high-octane Queen Of Mean, Orbital Junction have cranked up the fuzz to create an 8 track collection of cool. To celebrate its release, the band will be taking to the stage at Camden Town's legendary boozer The Black Heart on Thursday 5th November, and although sold out instantly in person; fans, media and digital passers-by can tune in worldwide to watch the occasion live-streamed in HD via Whether sat down the front with a pint (socially distanced style), or tuning in over the world wide web, expect to see the band bringing their hard-hitting sound, crushing the venue under the weight of their huge riffs and pummelling beats. A culmination of over 50 UK live dates including London's legendary Desertfest, has led to a stage show not to be missed. Think Wo Fat, Orange Goblin, Kyuss and QOTSA, all in one melting pot of hard-hitting stoner-groove.

The announcement of this London event comes in support of their exclusive limited-edition vinyl formats, which are due to drop on November 2nd, available to pre-order via:

Orbital Junction encourage you all to crank up the volume and have your own mini-shows wherever you are, Egos & Instincts is best served.... LOUD!

Available via all outlets now:

Friday, November 6, 2020

Wugo | New single "Drag Me to the Sun" is out!

Wugo is a singer, producer ans pop artist with a unique and recognizable sound. At once sublime and melancholic, sweet and intoxicating, simple and complex. Following the "French Touch" wave, he continues to build his own identity where storms and sunshine go hand in hand.

His new track "Drag Me To The Sun" evokes this light to which he is attached, however tiny, remains full of hope. Accompanied with an animated video directed by Maxime Bernasconi, this new single will take you away from the dark and pessimistic sides of life, to carry you towards sunnier days.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Yet another stunning single from Henriette Sennenvaldt ✨

Our latest signing has a new track for you! Henriette Sennenvaldt of the widely acclaimed Danish band Under Byen has released 'Clumsy', the second single of her upcoming debut solo album, Something Wonderful.

Following the New York Times review of her debut single, 'New Skill', Sennenvaldt has given us 'Clumsy'; an exploration of repetition, confusion, and ecstasy. Sennenvaldt explains, "I travelled to Chicago and spent days walking about the city, looking at life in a different place. I saw a work by Spencer Finch in which a solar-powered ice cream truck served cones the colors of the sunset. I saw a photo series by Carrie Schneider in which a house keeps burning over the course of several seasons. I wanted this song to be shaped like waking up from the same dream several times. Repetitive, but not repetitive enough for you to relax, quiet but noisy at the same time, like not knowing which reality to put your money on. The saxophones of the song are nerve-like to me, fast and anxious, and loud. The drums are like a muscular kid. Too big, too small, not quite right, that sort of awkwardness was always fascinating to me." Listen to this haunting new track wherever you get your music, and stay tuned for the music video premiere later this week.

Something Wonderful is out November 13th. Pre-order it now on limited-edition, orange crush vinyl.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Heavy New Album from Nashville Psych Rockers De3ra

Nashville based heavy psychedelic/rock n' roll band DE3RA released their new album "Old Scratch" 

Of the new album De3ra state, "Each song has to do with soul-crushing struggle and suffering and how each of us deal with it, as human beings,” the band says. “In some cases, people can become resolute and rise to their specific challenges, but in other cases, folks will appeal to whatever darkness that they can find. Old Scratch was inspired by the idea that our minds can so frequently come to balance precipitously on the edge of the void that it is not preposterous to imagine them slipping away, into the darkness."

In comparison to "This Thing", which is their first album, "Old Scratch" is a much more cohesive piece of art as a whole. Each song has to do with soul crushing struggle and suffering, and how each of us deal with it, as human beings. In some cases, people can become resolute and rise to their specific challenges, but in other cases, folks will appeal to whatever darkness that they can find.  "Old Scratch" was inspired by the idea that our minds can so frequently come to balance precipitously on the edge of the void that it is not preposterous to imagine them slipping away, into the darkness. 

DE3RA, formed in 2017, is a four piece band that creates music with an emphasis on collaboration.  Rob, Kevin, Haydn and Layton often switch instruments during their creative process, and all write/sing different songs in the project.  The DE3RA sound is the outcome of four intense and different personalities.  While each member has their own distinct writing style, every song fits into the unique style and sonics of DE3RA.

Saturday, October 24, 2020



Critically acclaimed bilingual star on the rise Alaina Castillo releases her latest Spanish language single “¡Párate!” today, October 13th. The song continues to showcase the singer’s phenomenal versatility by bending genres and enlisting her Latin roots while lyrically professing her troubled intimate thoughts. Click HERE to listen!

About the song, Alaina Castillo says, "párate is a song about feeling so weak, mentally and physically, that you eventually just get fed up with it and decide to say, enough, get up & start moving towards the life you want to live and the growth that you desire. It’s talking about a change or a movement that is started by trying to overcome those challenges."

“¡Párate!” follows the release of the artist’s antisocial party anthem “tonight”, another transitional song for Alaina taking her from introvert singer-songwriter to bedroom pop star in the making. Alaina wrote the track as an anti-social party anthem, re-emphasizing her own anti-social lifestyle and encouraging her listeners to embrace their solitude, especially in these uncertain times. Click HERE to watch the video, where Alaina has a solo rollerblade party under neon lights and embraces her e-girl, antisocial influence as well as the tracks infectious melody, reflecting its message of the power of solitude.

The genre bending artist combines her Latin roots with her love of R&B, pop and hip-hop, and has cultivated a diehard online following of over 3 million online fans and counting. In the past 6 months, she has grossed over 1.7 million followers on TikTok, in addition to 100 million cross platform streams to date, with more than 860K YouTube subscribers. Her first single “i don’t think i love you anymore,” released last year, has over 4.5 million YouTube views to date, with track “no importa,” taken from her debut EP antisocial butterfly, gaining half a million views in its first week.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Listen to new Commodo track 'Transit' from new 'Stakeout' EP on Black Acre

Commodo is back new track, ’Transit’ — a second taste of his new Black Acre EP, ‘Stakeout’.

Out October 23, ‘Stakeout’ picks up where previous EP ‘Loan Shark’ left off, tapping back into the conceptual, crime-ridden Wild West first imagined across tracks like ‘Contraband’ and ‘Hot Pursuit’; “If anyone is working on a 22nd century film noir at the moment, this would make the perfect soundtrack” wrote Bandcamp back in June.

This sentiment echoes across the ‘Stakeout’ tracklist, which again details tracks that marry precision bass-weight and deft, nimble sampling techniques with nuanced flashes of genius; Commodo is no ordinary producer. From the swirling unease and sharp crackle of the title-track to the oddball, industrial swing of ‘Transit’ and menacing, Batman-style lurch of EP closer ‘Crooked’ Law’, ‘Stakeout’ forms the fascinating concluding chapter of Commodo’s latest Black Acre odyssey.

‘Stakeout’ releases October 23!

An artist with minimal online presence, Commodo is one of an increasingly rare few who make waves through the strength of their music alone. He builds bass-focused beats with soul and substance that never perpetuate a formula, distancing himself from contemporaries via ingenious sampling and sound design influenced by his long-time affinity with hip-hop. Defining records for Deep Medi, Bandulu and Black Acre have compounded this reputation, marking him out as one of the UK underground’s true, contemporary trailblazers.

Ellen Siberian Tiger Share New Album 'Cinderblock Cindy,' Out Now On Bandcamp

Ellen Siberian Tiger share their sophomore album, Cinderblock Cindy, out now on all DSPs. For more news on the release and the project, sign up here to receive Ellen Siberian Tiger's newsletter. Featured on the recording, along with Tiberio-Shultz on guitar and lead vocals, are Collin Dennen (bass and synth), Richard Straube (drums), Catherine Parke (background vocals) and Nicole Pompei (drums on tracks 1 and 8). All songs were recorded by Matt Poirier at Miner Street Studio.

On the upcoming album, Ellen writes:

"The album is about gender; both an exploration of my Ellen Siberian Tiger's identity and an exploration of the power dynamics created in society by our collective perceptions of gender. Existing in the patriarchy without benefiting from it feels to like I’m under scrutiny, like people are looking at me and measuring me against what they think I should be and in the process rendering me a passive thing to be judged. So I tried to write about who I am without those expectations. I made this album to reject that passivity, and to take an active roll in shaping my own narrative as a queer, non binary person. Making these songs gave me a sense of clarity and strength in my gender and my queerness and I'm hopeful that it could do the same for other people."


01. If A Tree Falls In The Forest...
02. Drown
03. Do I Know You?
04. For Better Or For Worse
05. Cinderblock Cindy
06. Grinding My Teeth
07. Peach Pit
08. Amensalism
09. Kitchen Knife

Ellen Siberian Tiger is a feminist indie rock band helmed by songwriter and guitarist Ellen Tiberio Shultz. Band members Tiberio Shultz, who plays guitar and sings lead vocals, Collin Dennen, who plays bass and synthesizer, and drummer Rich Straube are based in West Philadelphia, but Tiberio Shultz began performing under the Siberian Tiger moniker over a decade ago, while still a high school student in central Pennsylvania. This summer, the band entered Miner Street Studios to begin work on a new album, Cinderblock Cindy, which will be released on October 9th, 2020. This album, the band’s first full length work since 2015’s I Can’t Help It, features a simpler lineup and a grungier sound, but it is a continuation rather than a departure from the ultimate project of I Can’t Help It: to create more spaces in the musical landscape for healthy queer catharsis and healing, a space where others will feel empowered to speak about their lives as well.

In 2018 the band was invited to participate in the recording of a Shaking Through Session with Weathervane Music, a Philly based non-profit that specializes in exploring the creative process of making music and its greater social impact. The music video they recorded for this session, “everybody, always,” received national recognition when it was selected as one of NPR’s Slingshot Series 10 Must-Watch Music Videos from Philadelphia for 2019. The single will appear on the upcoming album.

While Ellen Siberian Tiger has experimented with a wide variety of styles and musical arrangements over the years, their work has always been informed by the desire to provide femme and queer audiences with a musical framework with which to contextualize the full range of their experiences. The album’s first single, “Kitchen Knife,” which was released in October of last year, explores the dangers and risks inherent for femme and gender-nonconforming people in romantic relationships with those who have been raised with male privilege. The lyrics examine the consequences of ignoring the darker aspects of this kind of relationship in order to “keep it simple,” a directive that is mirrored in the music.

Paring down to a guitar, bass, and drums, Tiberio Shultz creates extra breathing room for their lyrics, which seem to contract and expand between the specific and the universal from moment to moment. This spare line-up also showcases the skill each member of the band brings to the project, as well as Tiberio Shultz’s talent for songwriting. In “everybody, always,” wondering whether or not a new lover can be trusted, the narrator insists “I never worry, I know you wouldn’t lie to me,” but follows up this cozy declaration of love with “everybody always lies, don’t they?” and the tempo lurches suddenly from 6:8 to 5:8, that dropped beat jolting the listener like a missed step on a flight of stairs.

Ellen Siberian Tiger’s music explores the process of working through new experiences, which is to say, the process of being alive, with all of its moments of heartbreak, uncertainty, and joy, using a combination of music and lyrics that provide ample space to explore nuanced expressions of anger and contentment, doubt and self confidence, romantic love and love for the self.

Grungy-rock band, Shady Business, releases their new single "Pictures of Places"

The coolest, deepest, awesomest (It's a word now!) grungy rock you will ever hear.

With influences such as The Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, The Ramones, AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, the Shady Business band promises their fans (and not only them) a unique, emotional, passionate, driving, creative music experience.

This band formed by Robert Freeman-Guy (lead vocals/tambourine), Hawk “The Studio” Mann (lead guitar, keyboards, percussions), Johnny Erhardt(rhythm guitar, piano), “Stompin” Mikey Tomyn (bass guitar) and Colin “The Animal” Beaupit, was created with the idea of exposing the dark side of life while also seeing its brighter side as well...a duality rooted deeply inside the human nature and that the band constantly try to point out in their music.

From the “ashes” of their previous band Stonedust Hawk, Johnny and Robert gave birth to Shady Business and released their first solo demo “Bitter Woman”, only to be joined after by Colin and Mikey: “we formed from the love of music...we love to create, we love to play” (as per their own statements).

Experimenters by nature, they enjoy searching and being inspired by new sounds, painting their music with different color palettes, although their origin is deeply rooted into rock n’ roll (at least for now!).

Be prepared to be pleasantly kidnapped by the dark and the light that this talented band, already very well-known into the Toronto Island Music Scene, is ready to deliver directly to your ears and hearts.