Sunday, January 17, 2021

Singer Songwriter Chris St. John Releases Contemplative Single “I Called You Rose”

2021 brings new talent to light without wait. Singer/Songwriter Chris St. John just released "I Called You Rose", the first single from his upcoming debut album- "I'm Dreaming". The song is a mix of stylistic flavors including soothing vocal tones reminiscent of James Taylor and Jackson Browne, as well as vintage country rock vibes like troubadours of the 1960's Gene Clark and John Martyn. It's a very tight and perfectly produced single with great harmonies, stellar arrangements and fantastic guitar solos. John's mellow mood and musicality is remarkably fresh and enticing for this brand of songwriting. It is not any sort of replica of previous artists but brings forth a new 'sound' to kickstart the new year. 2020 was all over the place and music listeners are in need of some focused direction. 

For those who prefer softer and comforting singers that write lyrics we can all relate to, Chris St. John is here to swiftly provide that. I look forward to the full length which features 13 originals and a cover version of The Grateful Dead's "Ripple". The complete album release is expected in early February 2021.

“I Called You Rose was the last song I wrote for the album”, said St. John “It came fast and I could not get it out of my head. It’s a song about falling in love and breaking up – with alcohol. I like that it’s upbeat and has a happy ending. I pray this song for everyone who finds it hard to put the bottle down.”

Over the last quarter century, Singer/Songwriter (and former Judge) Chris St. John has truly led a diverse and successful professional career in the field of law. Now, his dream of lateral success in the music business is starting to become a reality, with the release of the instantly satisfying first single “I Called You Rose” available this Friday Jan 15th, 2021 on Spotify and all the major music services.

St. John has been a practicing attorney for 26 years; a former judge and prosecutor; worked in the State Department, participating in the Reagan-Gorbachev Summit in 1987; and lived, studied, and taught in China later that year. He was also a Congressional Aide and is now a volunteer firefighter.

In 2015, he and his friend started a not-for-profit charity called HALO Missions, which provides medical care, clothing, food, farming equipment, and surgeries for AIDS orphans and the extreme poor throughout Africa, Central America, and the Caribbean.

“My professional career is what I do. These songs are who I am. They are about my personal life. The songs have been written over about 30 years, with four new ones written in the last several months to finish up the album,” he added.

The topics include the loss of love at a young age; the loss of his parents; the birth of his son John (now 17) and life with his wife of 27 years Elisabeth; a surprise DNA discovery; a serious illness where he was put in a medically induced coma, and a nurse sang him back to life; the loss of a young relative in a car accident and the subsequent climb out of depression; alcohol addiction and recovery; and a gift from his grandmother that he intends to return to her someday.

“The title of the LP is ‘I’m Dreaming’ because some of these songs were dreamed up and written down when I awoke. And there are so many references to dreaming in the album. I guess I like to dream. People have told me I should write a book or make an album. This is both to me.”

The album will and individual songs can be downloaded for purchase from iTunes, Spotify, and all other musical platforms shortly. These first listens are offered as a gift.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Nova Miller releases the video for her girl power anthem "Man's World"    ​  

Today, Nova Miller, is gifting fans with the edgy music video for her girl power anthem "Man's World," - watch here. The dynamic music video for "Man's World" shows Nova in a new light, proving her power and boldly stating that she doesn't need to rely on anyone-- especially a man. The Man's World video embodies the song's theme that women are capable of anything a man can do and more. "Man's World" features epic instrumentals and poignant lyrics about self-validation and independence. The song has a vintage sound and challenges the antiquated idea that a woman needs a man to be happy. This video is passionate, forceful, and is all about female strength-- it's a woman's world!

"Man's World" comes off of Nova's latest EP, The Passion, released in October. The EP features 8 brilliant pop anthems to dance to, blast at a party, or get in your feels to, hitting on themes of self-love and girl power. She is a standout talent with a sound that seamlessly blends new school pop with a retro aesthetic, elevated by her soulful voice and her undeniable charm. Her music takes inspiration from 60's era groups and makes use of classic strings and harmonies that make her stand out from the crowd. Nova Miller's striking personality and show-stopping vocals have earned her popularity on TikTok (@novamillermusic) with 2.2 million followers and over 24.1 million likes. Nova uses TikTok to connect with fans and show off her acoustic capabilities and range.

Music is a cornerstone in Nova Miller's life. Her remarkable story includes her sleeping in her father’s guitar case backstage while on tour with her parents and performing for the Crown Princess of Sweden. Discovered by former artist turned music executive Lolene in a Stockholm dance studio at age 12, Nova has spent much of her life in the studio or on stage and she wouldn’t have it any other way. The multi-instrumentalist and 8 octave vocalist quickly learned that dealing with opinionated personalities and constantly being underestimated in the music industry was a daily occurrence, but learned to find strength in those experiences. “As girls, we have to be better, we have to do more to be seen. I'll take that fight. I'll work a bit harder, and I'll prove myself.” At only 19, Nova has an unwavering sense of identity and a strong-minded lyrical narrative that gives her music passion and heart. Her empowering lyrics, perfect pitch, layered over shimmering splashes of pop make Nova Miller a unique force in music.


Following on from the highly anticipated and very successful previous releases, including the anthemic "Grow Up", the candid "Right Here With Me" and the vicious "A Shortcut", pop punk/metalcore quartet Octopus Montage is now back with a fourth brand new single, which aims to further establish and confirm the quality of the group's activity, musicianship and likeability - "Dopamine"! Creating a captivating blend of vocal passages, dynamic guitars, a prominent rhythm section and an abundance of talent and character from the musicians, "Dopamine" showcases the more personal nature of the group through the peculiar composition and the genuine sincerity and realness of the utilized lyrics, all further highlighted by the accompanying video’s nature and specifics.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Brazilian art-punk trio Herzegovina drop 'potent, schizophrenic jangle' with debut LP, 'Emergency'

Listening to songs like the schizophrenic jangle art-punk "Fellini's Dreams" and smashing jammer, surf punk-esque "Ego Arcade" from Brazil-based Herzegovina and I am pleasantly, ecstatically (in fact) transported to proto-punk, pre-new wave, art-punk sounds circa 1973 to 1979. Within the hills of Rio de Janeiro, Rafael Crespo (guitar/vox), Marcello Fernandes (bass) and Mario Mamede (drums) have been creating their post-punk abstracted sound since 2016.

As I listened to these two songs that sit smack dab in the middle of their latest album "Emergency" and the divergent mix of tracks prior and after like the jagged surreal "Black Cat" or the bottom-fed bass/guitar assault of the title track or the dark horror pop affection of "Intoxicação" (which is deliciously mind-blowing), I thought of an amalgam of so many artists I love like Television, Devo, Richard Hell and the Voidoids and even early Talking Heads.

Herzegovina will take you on a surreal journey full of dark turns and sharp edges. I am digging the ride.

Friday, January 8, 2021

A Day in Venice release new video for "Vintage Variation"

After the release of two singles "TWIOYS" and "Ophidian Queen", taken from A Day in Venice’s forthcoming full-lenght album, italian alternative metal outfit, aka Andrej Kralj, have released a new video for the song "Vintage Variation", taken from their latest EP released last year.

"Vintage Variation" features heavy guitars and the delicate vocals of Jyi, and is about embracing new ways, different mindsets and finding the strenght to carry on.

“How can one adapt and confront with changes, distress and trauma in life without wearing the burden of memory?”

Andrej Kralj, the man behind A Day in Venice, is currently working on two new albums. His fourth full-lenght, written, arranged, performed and produced by himself, with the participation of Angelos Kyprianos on vocals, will feature new songs arranged with acoustic healing instruments, unusual sounds and instrumentation. There have been above 30 different acoustic instruments employed so far.

A fifth album will likely follow and take the musical direction of the song “Vintage Variation”.

Both albums will be released between 2021 and 2022.

Monday, January 4, 2021

TENEBRO sign with Xtreem Music and reveal their 1st single

Italian horror death metallers TENEBRO sign with Xtreem Music for their debut album to be released next summer. The band will see their debut "Demo 2019" plus the new released cassette EP "Liberaci dal Male", both on CD format on February 23rd through Xtreem Music.

TENEBRO is a Horror Glorifying Death Metal band from Italy. Inspired and influenced by Italian horror cult movies from the 70/80's. The horrendous concept comes from Il Beccamorto's (aka Mortician in English) long-lived family business of funeral directors which they are handing down since 1949.

After some problems and due to illegal activities of their early line-up, they never officially recorded anything. Il Becchino has been forced to stop immediately the project. During last years, he started to write music again that was recorded in 2019 with the help of Il Beccamorto. So, "Demo 2019" was born in March of the same year.

After a short time from the release, Il Beccamorto officially joined to the band. TENEBRO just released a new 3-song EP called "Liberaci dal Male" on cassette format on December 25th, 2020 and will be released on CD format together with "Demo 2019" in February 2021 through Xtreem Music.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Young Cooley "Better Than Everybody" Video

Pop or Die Record’s Young Cooley is flexing hard with his boastful new single “Better Than Everybody”. Putting his own twist on the classic trap flow, Young Cooley speaks on the hustler lifestyle. Everything they try to do, he has done it bigger and better. When it comes to the money, women, and the power, Young Cooley is out to prove he is “Better Than Everybody".

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Another Sky Releases “Was I Unkind?” From New EP 'Music For Winter Vol. 1'

On the first day of 2021, Another Sky will release their latest body of work, an EP entitled Music For Winter Vol. I. The EP follows their debut full-length I Slept on The Floor, released earlier this year via Fiction / Missing Piece Records. Today, the band released the EP’s third single "Was I Unkind?", following the recently released "It Keeps Coming" and "Sun Seeker". Alongside the studio version of “Was I Unkind?,” the London-based four piece have also released two very special live performance videos, recorded with London Contemporary Voices at London’s Union Chapel in 2019. The first being a live version of “Was I Unkind?,” and the second a medley of “Was I Unkind?,” “Tree,” and “Avalanche.”

“We wanted to release a song to celebrate Winter Solstice, a significant time of year in many cultures,” Catrin Vincent, vocalist and lyricist of Another Sky says of the new single. “‘Was I Unkind?’ was written about the time I accidentally killed my favourite plant. The plant became symbolic of how I treated myself. I realised I was as trapped in the world as the plant was, at the mercy of myself. Winter Solstice is a time of death and rebirth.”

"Winter is the perfect time for sombre music," she continues. On how the project came together, Catrin explains, "some songs are old, some are new, all are entirely collaborative. After being kept apart because of the lockdown and writing a bunch of our second album separately, we just wanted to get back into our studio and record." The entire EP was recorded, produced and mixed by the band themselves at their South London studio, The Lighthouse, in October 2020.

"Where do we find our portable paradises?" - Catrin found herself staring at this very poem by Roger Robinson on the London Underground in March 2020.

For the first time in six years, the band couldn't see each other, and the band's bassist Naomi was able to sit still long enough to confront her intense fear of going to hell for being in a same-sex relationship, due to a Christian upbringing.

Catrin explains, "after lockdown eased, myself and Naomi revisited the opening track 'Pieces', an old track originally sung by Naomi. We wrote lyrics together from an imagined conversation with a loved one telling Naomi she was going to hell." 

Naomi’s journey became the lyrical foundation for each of these six songs as Catrin drew universal comparisons with others' lives; "a struggle with identity, walking past churches you are no longer part of and the person you become when you are in pain. If there is no end in sight of struggle, where are our white sands, green hills and fresh fish? If we can't ever truly escape, which is what we were exploring in our debut album I Slept On The Floor, can we carry paradise in ourselves?"

Naomi adds about her experience, "It’s so easy to push things to the back of your mind. You never really know the impact this has on you until it becomes overbearing, and you're forced to address it. I found it incredibly cathartic to tackle these issues head-on by visualising certain situations and being able to say whatever I needed to say, both in therapy and in writing music”.

The band are currently recording their second full-length album which is anticipated to drop in 2021. Music For Winter Volume. II is also set to be released winter 2021.

Another Sky’s debut album I Slept On The Floor proved to the world just how vital the words of lyricist and vocalist Catrin Vincent truly are. Her poetic rage has been titular in Another Sky’s story, grappling with the topics of toxic relationships, childhood trauma, systematic elitism, Brexit Britain, the rise of Donald Trump and much more. Juxtaposed against the horizon reaching sound of guitarist Jack Gilbert, bassist Naomi Le Dune and drummer Max Doohan, Another Sky sound like nothing and nobody else.

Monday, December 21, 2020


Today, Young Thug's Young Stoner Life Records releases a new single and music video for "Take It To Trial" off of the forthcoming album Slime Language 2. On the song, label boss Young Thug is joined by fellow YSL Records signees Gunna and Yak Gotti. The three rappers collide on the Wheezy produced beat, lacing the high energy track with their distinct flows. The music video co-directed by Young Thug, shows the rappers dropping off their bars in luxury all while aesthetically embodying their own style. While "Take It To Trial" is the first time all three rappers appear on the same track, fans are no stranger to the trio's sonic chemistry as displayed on Gunna's "Wunna Flo" ft. Yak Gotti released earlier this year; cult classics such as Young Thug's "Dream" and "Slime Shit" ft. Yak Gotti; alongside countless other collaborations across the YSL Records roster. Watch the music video for "Take It To Trial" via the Young Stoner Life Records Youtube page HERE.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

London trash-bop merchants Oh! Gunquit, drop third studio album and new video single, 'Last Day On Earth'

London based 5-piece are a band of exotic sci-fi surf-punk freaks who concoct a wild brew of gloriously trashy rock n roll. The nucleus of the group started after Tina (Vocals) & Simon (Guitar) became neighbors and after frequenting the same sweaty cellar dance nights around town they formed the group creating a vibrant blend of fiery garage-rock/surf-punk/exotica crossover. Oh! Gunquit are named in part to a town in Maine US which was an artists colony in the 1800's originally coined by the Abenaki Indians and in part to the idea of all guns quitting. Currently consisting of the finest line-up to date this creature contains members from USA, Colombia, Spain & UK. The soundtrack to B-movies, road trips, & adventuring…..Their unique live gigs are a blur of howling vox, buzzsaw guitars, sleazy horns, rumbling toms, and crazed R&R fun.'

The Group have released four 7" singles & three studio albums to date with the second of which was ‘Single of the Week’ in Artrocker Magazine. Their track ‘Bad Bad Milk’ was released in Japan on garage-rock compilation featuring the band ‘5,6,7,8’s’ and the single ‘Sinkhole’ was released on One Little Indian Imprint -WINWIN Records.

The group have just released their third studio album from London's exotic, twisted psych garage-rock gang. Recorded together live in Hackney Wick's analogue Studio; Gizzard with additional remixes by South London's Trashmouth Productions. The album is a further expansion of their sci-fi future rock n roll sound with many elements combined to create a storm of garagey post-punk sleaze-filled fun. With songs about dystopian visions & celebratory situations Oh! Gunquit coupled with Tina's fervid vocals compel you to get loose and slay the day!

Monday, December 14, 2020

Nashville-based Alt-Rock Band The Indigo Announces New Single “Even If You Do” - Out Now

Nashville alt-rock quartet The Indigo have announced the upcoming release of their new single, “Even If You Do”, a romantic ballad focusing on the developing, yet blissful, beginning stages of a new relationship. Refusing to conform to a singular sound, The Indigo sought inspiration for this track from a wide range of genres. From country with music legend Glen Campbell, to rock royalty The Beatles, to the reflective tones of Father John Misty, the multitude of influences can be heard all throughout their new track. The Indigo worked closely with producer Toby Hulbert (RCA Studios/Abbey Road), as well studio engineer Colin Lott (East Avalon Sound Recorders) to create their third single, “Even If You Do,” out on all digital platforms on December 6, 2020.

Originally an acoustic duo, childhood friends Tanner Gray (guitar/piano/vocals) and Colby Wilson (guitar/vocals) expanded The Indigo in late 2019 with the addition of Gray’s college bandmates, bassist Chase Porter and drummer Zach Corder. The band released their first two singles, “The Way You Say No” and “Dizzy,” earlier this year to rave reviews. A Journal of Musical Things says about “Dizzy”: “Dream-pop tinged melodies in the chorus create a delightful contrast and gives this song a dynamic, fun energy.”

Check out the new single by The Indigo, “Even If You Do”, out December 6th. Can’t wait? Check out their first two singles, “The Way You Say No” and “Dizzy”, available now on all streaming platforms.

Childhood friends, Tanner Gray and Colby Wilson, have been writing music together since they were kids. Starting out as an acoustic duo, they have since developed a full band sound that blends modern day alt-rock music with the touch of 60s inspired melodies and harmonies. Tanner met bassist Chase Porter and drummer Zach Corder while attending college at Mississippi State University. They started making music together, and over time, played in several different bands. Now, they all form The Indigo, pulling inspiration from a variety of music that spans many genres and generations that help keep their sound fresh and widely appealing.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Sun Kin Announces New Album 'After the House,' Shares Lead Single "Blue Light (Keeps Me Up at Night)," LP Out 2/12

On Friday, LA-based artist Sun Kin announced their upcoming album, sharing lead single "Blue Light (Keeps Me Up at Night)". The track comes off the producer and musicians upcoming LP After the House. After the House is out February 12th — stream the lead single now and look out for more news from Sun Kin.

"Blue Light (Keeps Me Up at Night)" was inspired by Sade, Blood Orange, Peggy Guo and Nile Rodgers (Chic), as well as by endless YouTube playlists of acid and deep house, much of which sounds like it could have been made at any point in the past 40 years. The tone is yearning but playful, light but also deep, with a propulsive, hopeful energy contrasting the melancholy of the melodies. — Sun Kin

Sun Kin is the project of Los Angeles based producer Kabir Kumar. Born in Bombay, India and raised in five different countries, Kumar’s music is informed by the intimacy and audacious vulnerability that can only exist through learning to bond through transience. Kumar has been making music under the Sun Kin moniker for nearly a decade, traveling from a psych folk project to something more rooted in a combination of the Middle Eastern and Indian pop music they grew up on with elements of Acid House, disco and R&B. Kumar’s whole life as an artist has been marked by momentum and migration. As they’ve homed in on their craft they’ve accumulated new sonic textures, new territories, and different modes of expression. This bricolage and deep inquiry into movement reaches its apotheosis on After the House, Kumar’s fourth full length as Sun Kin. It is here that they conjure together seven dance tracks designed for late night introspection.

While some might fear the idea of a blank page, for Kumar it is essential to their practice. They thrive with limited constraints, favoring any opportunity that allows them to experiment. “I love the feeling of fitting melodies into spaces within the groove. I think of them as friends, little friendly melodies that come over the more dystopian pulse of everything,” they say of the joys of making dance music. In contrast to the naturalistic textures of Kumar’s earlier work, After the House is speckled in drones, cement-colored LFO engineered chords, foggy swaths of chintzy house piano, and subterranean drum machines. To make these songs, Kumar relied heavily on improvisation, often using four on the floor as the basis to each track. Just take “Blue Light (Keeps Me Up at Night),” the first single they finished, as one example of adding vivid and intricate colors and textures to a blank page. The song brims with disco guitars, elastic congas, and meditative vocals which rise up from nothing more than a click track. “Everything fit in. I felt pretty singing the chorus. I felt more pretty than I’ve ever felt singing a chorus,” they say. Or perhaps “In the Cold,” a song inspired by Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite, which features a crystal clear guitar solo and synth decay that feels like sequins on skin under a black light.

Equally essential to their work is collaboration. In 2018, Kumar released a split LP with Miguel Gallego (Miserable chillers), called Adoration Room. Kumar cites this record as a breakthrough for them musically. Gallego continues to be an important confidante, and helped sequence After the House. Kumar also considers their co-producer Geoff Saba (Forest Floor) to be an inspiring collaborator, as well as Julian Fader (Ava Luna), who plays drums on two tracks on the record. “Every time I collaborate with these people I feel like they are imbuing some of their magic into me,” they say. For Kumar, that collaboration is often nomadic, existing in the form of text messages and social media. This is something Kumar is especially excellent at, in part because of their migratory childhood, which taught them how to seek home in unexpected places—like the warm embrace of dance music. So much of Kumar’s craft on After the House is about the bliss that dance music provides, the intimacy it encourages, and the ways in which it can feel like a home for the listener to bask in, and feel safe inside. — Sophie Kemp

01. We Build Tiny Houses for the Dead
02. Trying to Trust
03. Blue Light (Keeps Me Up at Night)
04. Purification Grave
05. In the Cold
06. R.A.S.P.
07. Vishvarupa