Sunday, October 25, 2020

Heavy New Album from Nashville Psych Rockers De3ra

Nashville based heavy psychedelic/rock n' roll band DE3RA released their new album "Old Scratch" 

Of the new album De3ra state, "Each song has to do with soul-crushing struggle and suffering and how each of us deal with it, as human beings,” the band says. “In some cases, people can become resolute and rise to their specific challenges, but in other cases, folks will appeal to whatever darkness that they can find. Old Scratch was inspired by the idea that our minds can so frequently come to balance precipitously on the edge of the void that it is not preposterous to imagine them slipping away, into the darkness."

In comparison to "This Thing", which is their first album, "Old Scratch" is a much more cohesive piece of art as a whole. Each song has to do with soul crushing struggle and suffering, and how each of us deal with it, as human beings. In some cases, people can become resolute and rise to their specific challenges, but in other cases, folks will appeal to whatever darkness that they can find.  "Old Scratch" was inspired by the idea that our minds can so frequently come to balance precipitously on the edge of the void that it is not preposterous to imagine them slipping away, into the darkness. 

DE3RA, formed in 2017, is a four piece band that creates music with an emphasis on collaboration.  Rob, Kevin, Haydn and Layton often switch instruments during their creative process, and all write/sing different songs in the project.  The DE3RA sound is the outcome of four intense and different personalities.  While each member has their own distinct writing style, every song fits into the unique style and sonics of DE3RA.

Saturday, October 24, 2020



Critically acclaimed bilingual star on the rise Alaina Castillo releases her latest Spanish language single “¡Párate!” today, October 13th. The song continues to showcase the singer’s phenomenal versatility by bending genres and enlisting her Latin roots while lyrically professing her troubled intimate thoughts. Click HERE to listen!

About the song, Alaina Castillo says, "párate is a song about feeling so weak, mentally and physically, that you eventually just get fed up with it and decide to say, enough, get up & start moving towards the life you want to live and the growth that you desire. It’s talking about a change or a movement that is started by trying to overcome those challenges."

“¡Párate!” follows the release of the artist’s antisocial party anthem “tonight”, another transitional song for Alaina taking her from introvert singer-songwriter to bedroom pop star in the making. Alaina wrote the track as an anti-social party anthem, re-emphasizing her own anti-social lifestyle and encouraging her listeners to embrace their solitude, especially in these uncertain times. Click HERE to watch the video, where Alaina has a solo rollerblade party under neon lights and embraces her e-girl, antisocial influence as well as the tracks infectious melody, reflecting its message of the power of solitude.

The genre bending artist combines her Latin roots with her love of R&B, pop and hip-hop, and has cultivated a diehard online following of over 3 million online fans and counting. In the past 6 months, she has grossed over 1.7 million followers on TikTok, in addition to 100 million cross platform streams to date, with more than 860K YouTube subscribers. Her first single “i don’t think i love you anymore,” released last year, has over 4.5 million YouTube views to date, with track “no importa,” taken from her debut EP antisocial butterfly, gaining half a million views in its first week.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Listen to new Commodo track 'Transit' from new 'Stakeout' EP on Black Acre

Commodo is back new track, ’Transit’ — a second taste of his new Black Acre EP, ‘Stakeout’.

Out October 23, ‘Stakeout’ picks up where previous EP ‘Loan Shark’ left off, tapping back into the conceptual, crime-ridden Wild West first imagined across tracks like ‘Contraband’ and ‘Hot Pursuit’; “If anyone is working on a 22nd century film noir at the moment, this would make the perfect soundtrack” wrote Bandcamp back in June.

This sentiment echoes across the ‘Stakeout’ tracklist, which again details tracks that marry precision bass-weight and deft, nimble sampling techniques with nuanced flashes of genius; Commodo is no ordinary producer. From the swirling unease and sharp crackle of the title-track to the oddball, industrial swing of ‘Transit’ and menacing, Batman-style lurch of EP closer ‘Crooked’ Law’, ‘Stakeout’ forms the fascinating concluding chapter of Commodo’s latest Black Acre odyssey.

‘Stakeout’ releases October 23!

An artist with minimal online presence, Commodo is one of an increasingly rare few who make waves through the strength of their music alone. He builds bass-focused beats with soul and substance that never perpetuate a formula, distancing himself from contemporaries via ingenious sampling and sound design influenced by his long-time affinity with hip-hop. Defining records for Deep Medi, Bandulu and Black Acre have compounded this reputation, marking him out as one of the UK underground’s true, contemporary trailblazers.

Ellen Siberian Tiger Share New Album 'Cinderblock Cindy,' Out Now On Bandcamp

Ellen Siberian Tiger share their sophomore album, Cinderblock Cindy, out now on all DSPs. For more news on the release and the project, sign up here to receive Ellen Siberian Tiger's newsletter. Featured on the recording, along with Tiberio-Shultz on guitar and lead vocals, are Collin Dennen (bass and synth), Richard Straube (drums), Catherine Parke (background vocals) and Nicole Pompei (drums on tracks 1 and 8). All songs were recorded by Matt Poirier at Miner Street Studio.

On the upcoming album, Ellen writes:

"The album is about gender; both an exploration of my Ellen Siberian Tiger's identity and an exploration of the power dynamics created in society by our collective perceptions of gender. Existing in the patriarchy without benefiting from it feels to like I’m under scrutiny, like people are looking at me and measuring me against what they think I should be and in the process rendering me a passive thing to be judged. So I tried to write about who I am without those expectations. I made this album to reject that passivity, and to take an active roll in shaping my own narrative as a queer, non binary person. Making these songs gave me a sense of clarity and strength in my gender and my queerness and I'm hopeful that it could do the same for other people."


01. If A Tree Falls In The Forest...
02. Drown
03. Do I Know You?
04. For Better Or For Worse
05. Cinderblock Cindy
06. Grinding My Teeth
07. Peach Pit
08. Amensalism
09. Kitchen Knife

Ellen Siberian Tiger is a feminist indie rock band helmed by songwriter and guitarist Ellen Tiberio Shultz. Band members Tiberio Shultz, who plays guitar and sings lead vocals, Collin Dennen, who plays bass and synthesizer, and drummer Rich Straube are based in West Philadelphia, but Tiberio Shultz began performing under the Siberian Tiger moniker over a decade ago, while still a high school student in central Pennsylvania. This summer, the band entered Miner Street Studios to begin work on a new album, Cinderblock Cindy, which will be released on October 9th, 2020. This album, the band’s first full length work since 2015’s I Can’t Help It, features a simpler lineup and a grungier sound, but it is a continuation rather than a departure from the ultimate project of I Can’t Help It: to create more spaces in the musical landscape for healthy queer catharsis and healing, a space where others will feel empowered to speak about their lives as well.

In 2018 the band was invited to participate in the recording of a Shaking Through Session with Weathervane Music, a Philly based non-profit that specializes in exploring the creative process of making music and its greater social impact. The music video they recorded for this session, “everybody, always,” received national recognition when it was selected as one of NPR’s Slingshot Series 10 Must-Watch Music Videos from Philadelphia for 2019. The single will appear on the upcoming album.

While Ellen Siberian Tiger has experimented with a wide variety of styles and musical arrangements over the years, their work has always been informed by the desire to provide femme and queer audiences with a musical framework with which to contextualize the full range of their experiences. The album’s first single, “Kitchen Knife,” which was released in October of last year, explores the dangers and risks inherent for femme and gender-nonconforming people in romantic relationships with those who have been raised with male privilege. The lyrics examine the consequences of ignoring the darker aspects of this kind of relationship in order to “keep it simple,” a directive that is mirrored in the music.

Paring down to a guitar, bass, and drums, Tiberio Shultz creates extra breathing room for their lyrics, which seem to contract and expand between the specific and the universal from moment to moment. This spare line-up also showcases the skill each member of the band brings to the project, as well as Tiberio Shultz’s talent for songwriting. In “everybody, always,” wondering whether or not a new lover can be trusted, the narrator insists “I never worry, I know you wouldn’t lie to me,” but follows up this cozy declaration of love with “everybody always lies, don’t they?” and the tempo lurches suddenly from 6:8 to 5:8, that dropped beat jolting the listener like a missed step on a flight of stairs.

Ellen Siberian Tiger’s music explores the process of working through new experiences, which is to say, the process of being alive, with all of its moments of heartbreak, uncertainty, and joy, using a combination of music and lyrics that provide ample space to explore nuanced expressions of anger and contentment, doubt and self confidence, romantic love and love for the self.

Grungy-rock band, Shady Business, releases their new single "Pictures of Places"

The coolest, deepest, awesomest (It's a word now!) grungy rock you will ever hear.

With influences such as The Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, The Ramones, AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, the Shady Business band promises their fans (and not only them) a unique, emotional, passionate, driving, creative music experience.

This band formed by Robert Freeman-Guy (lead vocals/tambourine), Hawk “The Studio” Mann (lead guitar, keyboards, percussions), Johnny Erhardt(rhythm guitar, piano), “Stompin” Mikey Tomyn (bass guitar) and Colin “The Animal” Beaupit, was created with the idea of exposing the dark side of life while also seeing its brighter side as well...a duality rooted deeply inside the human nature and that the band constantly try to point out in their music.

From the “ashes” of their previous band Stonedust Hawk, Johnny and Robert gave birth to Shady Business and released their first solo demo “Bitter Woman”, only to be joined after by Colin and Mikey: “we formed from the love of music...we love to create, we love to play” (as per their own statements).

Experimenters by nature, they enjoy searching and being inspired by new sounds, painting their music with different color palettes, although their origin is deeply rooted into rock n’ roll (at least for now!).

Be prepared to be pleasantly kidnapped by the dark and the light that this talented band, already very well-known into the Toronto Island Music Scene, is ready to deliver directly to your ears and hearts.

Nashville Rockers The Indigo Release "Dizzy" - Out October 15th!

Love. That weak in the knees, can’t breathe kind of love. Some envy it, while others are lucky enough to fall into it. But what happens when this love comes to a bitter end?

Out October 15th, The Indigo’s new release, “Dizzy,” is penned from the perspective of a scorned lover, reeling from the aftershocks of a tumultuous affair. Does he let go of what was, or keep reaching for what could be? With the release of their second single, the Nashville-based rock group serenades us as we ride along on the rollercoaster of human emotion. Dream-like vocals contrast against punchy, distorted chords, portraying the potential pain of being hurt again, or the eternal regret of what could have been - if things go well.

Influenced by a broad spectrum of musical genres, The Indigo was formed in 2019 by vocal leads Tanner Gray (guitar/piano/vocals) and Colby Wilson (guitar/vocals). Originally an acoustic duo, the childhood friends decided to expand their sound in 2020 with the addition of Gray’s college band mates- bassist Chase Porter and drummer Zach Corder. The band released their first single, “The Way You Say No,” in September of this year.

Check out the new single, “Dizzy”, by The Indigo, out October 15th! Can’t wait for the date? Watch this promo video for “Dizzy”. Be sure to catch The Indigo as they take the virtual stage at 6pm EST on October 17th at the Steadfast and Friends Festival.

Childhood friends, Tanner Gray and Colby Wilson, have been writing music together since they were kids. Starting out as an acoustic duo, they have since developed a full band sound that blends modern day music with the touch of 60s inspired melodies and harmonies. Tanner met bassist Chase Porter and drummer Zach Corder while attending college at Mississippi State University. They started making music together, and over time, played in several different bands. Now, they all form The Indigo, pulling inspiration from a variety of music that spans many genres and generations- never settling on a particular sound.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Ghostlawns stream debut album 'Motorik' on GIITTV Blog | Out via Sub Records 30th October

Cardiff-based musical collective Ghostlawns release their debut album Motorik through Bandcamp and streaming services on 30 October 2020. Recorded by renowned producer Charlie Francis (REM, Robyn Hitchcock), the album will be released through SUB Records.

There are a limited number of CDs available for purchase through the Ghostlawns Bandcamp page. Their album taster “Y Gorwel” and singles “Breaking Out” and “FFOI” have received international radio play, including on the BBC, across the UK, US, Canada, South America, Australia, France, and Germany.

The album features pulsating basslines, motoric guitar riffs, ambient synth melodies, and Welsh and English language vocals performed over live drums. Ghostlawns has performed at showcase festivals, including Focus Wales and Swn, and contributed songs for compilation albums Hope Not Hate and Iechyd Da (Gorky's Zygotic Mynci tribute).

The band is a dynamic part of the Welsh music scene, with members playing in bands including Right Hand Left Hand, Gulp, Gentle Good, Cotton Wolf and with Can legend Damo Suzuki on stages across the UK, Europe and the US.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

New album from Indie Psych Act Doghouse Reilly Via Birdwire Music

New York based studio project created by childhood friends Gary O’Keefe and Nick Lipinski, who just released their their debut album, Try Me Warm, today, Octoer 9 via Birdwire Music. Their unique brand of laid back psychedelia is melodic and breezy - exuding vintage warmth and a sense of musical wonder. Good for melting into your couch or cruising the interstate at dusk.

Friday, October 9, 2020

KACIMI New single "Sous les Eaux" is out!

With this pop writing song, KACIMI offers us with « Sous les Eaux » a poetic variation both melancholic and carnal where vibraphone, pedal steel and power pop guitars are mixed.

"Sous les Eaux" mention the eternal search for a perfect love relationship in a Super 8 setting of North Sea beaches. Shot in Belgium during the quarantine, the video clip of "Sous les eaux" is about fragile love with an European romanticism.

A new track from his album "Gyrophare" will be out on October, 30th 2020. 

On "Gyrophare" KACIMI presents an intimate collection of new pop songs. A collection of poetic vignettes where love is eternally in the air. Recorded on tape in the Back To Mono studios in Lyon with Christian Hierro and a team of musicians from Geneva, KACIMI weaves a melancholic and soft sonic canvas on a velvet texture with fine and minimalist arrangements.

Vinyl pre-order available on Pop Club Record shop online.

Isaac Rother & The Phantoms: Californian purveyors of ghoulish B-movie fixated R&B serve up new single 'Witches Brew'

Beware of Isaac Rother & The Phantoms! These frenzied ghouls are possessed with a unique musical style that combines wild rock 'n’ roll, mid-century rhythm 'n’ blues, and retro horror schlock into a potent, boiling potion! Since forming in 2012, the cape-wearing, afro’d Rother and his Phantoms have released a slew of EP’s, LP’s, cassette tapes, CDs, and music videos to adoring fans all over the world. Their music has taken them as far as Europe and many consider them to be one of the most exciting bands in the business.

From an early age, Isaac Rother knew he was different. It first occurred to him when his primary school teacher asked each pupil to bring in an example of their favourite music.

“I brought in Wipe Out by The Surfaris. I was thinking everyone would bring in some cool rock ’n’ roll song – and nobody did.”

Two decades later, he’s wreaking an act of terrifying revenge on society as the frontman of California's finest purveyors of B-movie fixated R&B. Well, possibly not terrifying, but certainly entertaining, as they summon the spirits of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, The Sonics and The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown as well as the cheap, nasty but irresistible delinquent blues-punk practised by the original garage and psych bands of the '60s.

This past year the band have been active as inhumanly possible, writing and recording new material along with producing videos for a new full-length album slated for release in 2021. This Halloween, the ghoulish gang will release a new single aptly titled Witches' Brew, which is sure to awaken all true rock 'n' roll spirits from their slumber. The new single will whet the whistles of fans awaiting the release of their long-awaited second full length LP.

So get your goblets out and pour some of this lovely Witches' Brew that will hit you like a reverb laden spell of fun, rock 'n' roll spookiness.

Emcee Monte Releases New Single “I’m So Black” Off The "Change Gone Come" EP

Emcee Monte’s latest single “I’m So Black” is a heavy bass bottom hiphop track from the up and coming rapper’s new EP- “Change Gone Come”. The track features classic 808 style beats with a 1990’s production vibe, smooth rhymes like LL Cool J over hovering background effects. “I’m So Black” is the funk of 2020. This single is raw and electrified, a track you need to listen on repeat over and over again. Emcee Monte is the latest greatest rising star in the rap game with a rhythmic flow of a poet on fire. Hats off to this kid, looking forward to more singles to drop in the future.

 “I'm So Black” is available now on Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, Apple Music and all the major services.

Emcee Monte is a practitioner of the Hip Hop culture and continues to perfect his skills in all of the elements: DJing, B-boying, Rapping, and Graffiti. He is a talented MC, Producer, DJ, Songwriter, Spoken-word artist, and all-around Entertainer from the south side of Chicago. His goal is to make music that tells a story, encourages people, and inspires the world through beats and rhymes, keeping Hip Hop alive! He is one of Chicago's finest underground MCs known for his versatile rhyming and his powerful, positive messages. Influenced by the pioneers of Hip Hop, Emcee Monte delivers a phenomenal performance with the essence of the originators and old-school greats like Run DMC, Kurtis Blow, LL Cool J, and Rakim fused with the style and flair of new school artist like Common, J. Cole, Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell and Missy Elliot. With his beat-making ability, hard-hitting rhymes, and dance skills, Emcee Monte is a triple threat. His stage presence, superstar quality, and high energy deliver an unforgettable performance! Emcee Monte can be heard on all music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Youtube, Tidal, and more.

Tallbird Share Debut Album 'Lost Pet Poster Template,' Premiered Unreleased Album Tracks Live On Radio Free Brooklyn, LP Out Now

On Friday, Brooklyn-based, indie pop outfit Tallbird released their debut album, Lost Pet Poster Template, out now on all streaming platforms. On Thursday evening, Radio Free Brooklyn's Bands Do BK radio show premiered a few unreleased album tracks live on air, with intros from the band, including anecdotes about the tracks. The episode will be out later this week on both Radio Free Brooklyn and Bands Do BK. Stream Lost Pet Poster Template on all streaming platforms and purchase it digitally via Bandcamp.

The songs on Lost Pet Poster Template were inspired by the album title - a lost pet is extremely sad, but there’s something darkly funny about the idea of picking out the right template for the situation. There’s sadness throughout this album, but it’s filtered through lyrics that focus on specific details and Erica Marchetta-Wood’s bright vocal performances, and the end result is playful and upbeat.

All songs were produced by Danny Sullivan, "Battery" was mixed by Ryan Melone, "Summer Dogs" was mixed by Sam Lee (mem Magic Man), all others mixed by Dan Konopka (mem OK Go). The album was mastered by Dave McNair.

If Brooklyn-based indie pop duo Tallbird could shape their sound into something to hold, listeners would be thumbing through an immersive scrapbook. Eclectic but true to form, their songs are colorful collages of chopped-up samples, floating vocals, and choice instrumentation. The pair’s influence is equally attributable to bright indie rock (early REM, The Cure, and Alvvays) and sample-based hip-hop (Madlib, RZA, DJ Shadow). The result is fun, upbeat music filled with surprising sounds that evade clear identification.

Tallbird formed at a crossroads of two artists who felt confined to a single instrument and felt they could do more. Erica Marchetta-Wood (vocals) and Danny Sullivan (production) wrote and recorded their debut EP Sunburn in a period of professional instability, finding footing only through their mutual artistic collaboration. Their debut full-length Lost Pet Poster Template was released September 25th.