Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lissy Trullie: Lissy Trullie


This is way more ambitious than her debut EP. Entering new wave territory, with electro-pop production, Lissy Trullie moves a few notches forward from where she started 3 years ago. It's still fashion rock, just as the EP was, meaning she puts style before songwriting. That's not a bad thing. It worked for Suede. What she lacks, is songwriting prowess. She is a competent musician, but these songs are the equivalent in depth of a Duran Duran record. She's not singing about anything particularly emotional, nor is she confessional or deeply poetic through out the album. It all fits the fashiony image that goes along with Lissy's persona as NYC it-girl. This is a step in the right direction, but isn't astounding musically. Perhaps this will make its way into the chapters of indie pop history. We shall see. 


  1. How can you call yourself Anti-Pitchfork? You're just reiterating their ideals. This isn't fashion music and Lissy IS NOT a model turned singer. Please people help her out by letting others know she's been a REAL MUSICIAN (multi-instrumentalist) since childhood and not a "model turned singer". Lissy has been pigeoned holed because of this myth and I don't think people actually realize she's a serious artist or maybe they just want another reason to hate strong women and/or gay women (that the male dominated indie scene is petrified of) but Lissy has taken too many hateful critiques for false information. There are so many wonderful female artists that get the short end of the stick. Championing a tea spoon full of "adorkable" women like Him and Her, St Vincent, or Lykke Li, is really just men being terrified. Don't be fooled by the veil of indie music journalism, they aren't intellectiluals but typical men who prefer to support (crush out on) non-threatening pretty girls. Boys will be boys....

    1. She got a 6! and not a glowing review! lol


      at least this guy likes the record for where she is in her career.

  2. This is totally fashion music. Suede is good fashion music. This is hardly of their caliber. And if you read the review, the dude says she's a good musician.

  3. Lissy Trullie is crap music for boring fashion whores that wouldn't know a good song if it shit on their face.

  4. This album sucks.