Sunday, May 20, 2012

Paul Buchanan: Mid Air


It's a subtle, yet supremely beautiful record and comeback for Paul Buchanan. He is revered by many for his work in The Blue Nile. This debut solo album is a collection of somber lullabies with deeply emotional, adult content for lyrics. There are horns and strings, but at an almost inaudible volume, giving the whole aura of this record haunting chills the more you listen. Not only is Buchanan's voice as moving as ever, the songs encapsulate the emotions of a man that's done so much, there's nothing more to write with, but a piano and a whispering voice. I applaud Buchanan for taking this step, and not trying to cash in on the sound he once performed in his previous band. It takes true integrity, and only from the highest artistic plain to make an album like this. Cheers to Paul Buchanan for presenting us with Mid Air. It will age like fine art in the pantheon of Scotland's best songwriters.