Friday, June 8, 2012

Maroon 5: Overexposed


Yes, the band everyone loves to hate is back! Poppier than ever! And if you love and respect a good pop song, Maroon 5 is here to please. With the success of their single- "Payphone", Maroon 5 makes their mark as a leading pop group and continues to release well-produced annoyingly catchy pop songs. Elements of funk, soul and hard rock still mingle together well, as they've done successfully on previous records. Some might say they're pretty boys with no talent, and others scathe them for branching out as tv whores and pandering video models, but the fact of the matter is folks, they do have talent, and they do have much to offer. Don't hate em just because the singer's a TV show host, and you hear that "Moves like Jagger" whistle everywhere you go. There's no selling out when you're in the pop realm. As the title states, they're just overexposed, and they know it. Fortunately for them, they're just getting prolific enough to prove their status as pop stars who can rock a great tune. Radio-heads will eat this record up and I'm guessing this will shoot through the roof to the top of the charts with the quickness... 

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