Friday, August 17, 2012

Walking Sideways: Self-Titled EP


Walking Sideways have a new sound. They’ve managed to mix the lyrical side of grunge with the rhythms of the Dave Matthews Band. The sound is somewhere between emo-pop and 90’s indie rock like Sunny Day Real Estate or Jawbox. But this band plays around the acoustic guitar on every track. They seem to have a formula they stick to that works. The songs feel good, even when they experiment with odd rhythms, unexpected changes and darker moods. For the most part, it’s emotional pop songs presented by a well put heavy rock band. The guitar solos are melodic as Neil Young’s. The vocal harmonies are spot on where they should be. Lead singer- Erik Hagedorn, who plays the acoustic as well, has a distinct style, the vibrato of Elvis Costello with the pop sensibility of Rob Thomas. It's interesting music for the thinking man's rock and roller. Six songs are streaming online at their Reverbnation page. I'm assuming an album of sorts will be out this year, sure to be totally awesome.

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