Monday, October 1, 2012

Valis: Minds Through Space and Time


Valis is led by former Screaming Trees guitarist Van Connor. The band has been making records since the breakup of The Screaming Trees for years. Minds through Space and Time is their newest, and is reminiscent of the 90's Seattle sound. There are different moods, and it's not a typical 'grunge' album, but it does capture that time and place we all loved in the 90's. I hear similarities to Mudhoney and early Screaming Trees which makes me ponder whether Connor was the leading influence behind that band. Mark Lanegan sure has gone off in a whole different direction, placing himself as the new Tom Waits as a dark blues rock singer. But some bands need to provide the rock and roll of the 90's for all those bands that do not make that kind of music anymore. Valis will suffice if you have been missing those days of the Seattle scene and raw, unadulterated rock and roll. This band is not trying to re-invent a genre, but continue what is already loved by millions. So for that, I recommend this album as one of the better new albums in a world where most new bands are so self-indulgent, nobody wants to rock anymore!  

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