Monday, December 10, 2012

Graveyard: Lights out


This is making everybody's top ten lists of the best albums of 2012. It's a grower. At first, I didn't love it. I thought it was too derivative and not experimental enough. Then, it hit me as I was driving in my car one night, coming home from a party. I got lost in the music and drove in the wrong direction from home. But the music was like an old Stooges album, raw and intense energy. I had realized I had different expectations than this band's musical intent. They're not trying to be experimental, but merely kicking ass with good old fashioned rock and roll. Moments feel like that Queen song- "We are the champions", mainly due to the singer's voice. He has a beautiful voice when he's not screaming. I recommend this album to anyone who is tired of bands trying to sound new, and craves the rock of the 70's. For once I was deaf, now I can hear... Graveyard appropriately claims best album of the year by many. I get it, I get it now.   

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