Friday, February 1, 2013

Black Science: An Echo Through the Eyes of Forever


Seattle Washington hasn't had the momentum it had in the 90's since grunge died. But some good bands have come from there recently, one being Black Science. They are not a grunge band. They are indie rock psychedelia with the spirit of classic rock flowing through every song. Influences of Pink Floyd and The Beatles are obvious. Instead of the new psyche, they are more retro focusing on the late 1960's and 70's sound. One could say, they are bringing it back. It's trippy stoner music with a singer whining about his prozac and lithium pills. All in all, it's a decent record, but for a Seattle band, someone over there has to up the ante. It felt like the "Seattle Scene" would last forever in the 90's, and I know, people of Seattle don't like that 'label', but it does take its moment in time and played an important role in the evolution of rock and roll history. Around the mid-90's brit-pop seemed to have taken over, along with Kurt Cobain's suicide, the whole phenomenon blew it. So I leave it to the new bands of Washington like Black Science to pave new ways. Check this record out, you might enjoy a tune or two.

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