Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Strokes: Comedown Machine


Better than the last record Angles. The first track 'Tap Out' is a New Order sounding pop song and a wonderful opening track to the record. Julian's voice is finally out of the distortion box and clear and whispery. This turn in direction makes a new sound for the band, typically notable for their Stooges revivalist trademark guitar rock. The next song pulls back to the more notable sound of The Strokes, that grunge meets 70's rock blend. All the ingredients are there, the quirky guitar riffs, the stilted hard rock drumming. 'One way trigger', the album's first single has a Hawaiian new wave flavor unlike anything they've done before. Julian tries a lot of different vocal techniques using his falsetto and other sound effects for a fresh perspective on their new sound. All in all, it's a good record by a band trying to recapture their buzz while experimenting with new ideas. It's not the best Strokes record, but I think a lot more concise than Angles, bringing them back to the forefront of the hipster republic.