Saturday, April 13, 2013

Young Galaxy: Ultramarine

8. 8

I love Young Galaxy's first album Shapeshifting. It seems they have gone even more in a New Order direction rhythmically and melodically. Mixing odd drum patterns over electro loops is their forte, and the vocals are astoundingly catchy. The previous LP was already leading in this territory, soundscapes and ambient backdrops under wildly colorful sound effects and vivid lyrics, but this record is sort of science fictiony with a 'world music' influence. It's a get up and go album, one to be outside in the beautiful weather. I can hear influences of early Peter Gabriel too. To be honest, the whole genre of indie and alternative is falling flat as the U.S. economy. What else is there to do in an exhausted culture but make art? Young Galaxy provides some of the best cutting edge music going around. The only thought that comes to mind, suggestion-wise, is I wish they were more prolific, but music this good wouldn't develop any faster.