Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Eve Minor: Ex-Rated


Among the newer acts to emerge, an impressive batch of songs entitled “Ex-Rated” were released by Eve Minor. Five new tracks experimenting with techno flavored art pop, like MNDR meets Madonna. “Dime Te Deseo” is a club jam mixing a taste of latin jazz with modern electronica. “Hung Up” is more riot girl rock, the way Courtney Love would sound under the instruction of Trent Reznor. Not only are the songs addicting, the music is pure. It does not sound manufactured or boring, but raw and cutting edge. “Ima Freak” is the ultimate party hit, funky beats with a singalong chorus at high energy. There’s a variety of sounds trickling through the parts, all composed in a mature way. These are quality jams, the kind major labels eat up, but Eve Minor offers more. “Secret” is a piano ballad, featuring a soulful and emotional lead vocal for the standard top 40 single. “Without You” is an epic dance cut with a plethora of drum patterns and euphoric melodies. The music is fresh, exploding with sounds in a visionary way. This is the start of a flourishing career from one of the more talented stars to come forth.