Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Shock Radar: Live Like Lions


This is the newest release from Shock Radar, a limited edition 10" single with elaborate album cover designs by multi-media artist- Michael Zinn. Side A (Live Like Lions) is a ferocious riff-rock song featuring visionary guitarist- Don Devore (Ink & Dagger, Lilys). It was recorded at Emandee Studios in Brooklyn by Mark Ospovat in the manner of Steve Albini records of the 1990's. It's strong and heavy like Shellac with the lyrical wisdom and melodicism of Neil Young. Side B (Generator) is more ethereal, centered on the mystical feeling of Physical Graffiti with a plethora of atmospheric guitar tones. Lead singer- Lee J Diamond's voice is a cross between Chris Cornell and Greg Dulli. The song moves in unexpected directions with sinister descending bass lines and a John Bonham drum beat similar to "Kashmir". Shock Radar's appeal, is the rawness of early metal mixed with modern indie rock charm. It's an odd combination you don't hear often and a unique flavor of its own. This is the sound of an open-mindedness in music that's lacking these days. And though at times, the guitar work may feel instructive and over-achieving, the songwriting maintains a flow that establishes the trademark sound of the band. Also notable: if you spin this record at 33 & 1/3rd rpm, it's the thickest black metal you've ever heard.

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