Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Black Sabbath: 13


I have listened to the new Black Sabbath, the first Sabbath record with Ozzy since Never Say Die. History is made. It's a triumphant record for some reasons, an epic failure to unrealistic expectations set by fans. First off, Bill Ward is missing. He was a key ingredient, so they went with the post-Ward 70's sound a la Vinny Appice. Filling in those duties is the younger Brad Wilk on drums. The songs are heavy, more simplistic yet modern. They stilll jam their asses off, particularly Iommi. Ozzy's voice sounds great, surprisingly. Legendary producer Rick Rubin gives them that live in the studio feel, and keeps the organic vibe of the room as he's notorious for capturing. Sure, the hooks aren't there as they used to be, nor is that jazzy feel from the early 70's. But they're older, what did you really expect? It's still kick ass rock and roll, leaning on the riff heavy prominent. But they explode in some sections, mellow in others. In a way, it's all you expected, yet not what you actually wanted from the closest thing we get to an 'original line up' reunion. I still applaud the end product, that they got this made is an effort worth appreciating.