Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Natasha Owens: The Cure


Natasha Owens’ latest single: “The Cure” has been circulating radio stations and online music magazines for months, gaining momentum for the young artist’s elegant vocal performance and on its way to becoming a break out hit of the year. The track features a most impressive, flawless lead vocal with soulful lyrics that get deeper with every listen. Her backing band is slick to perfection as well, particularly the rhythm section laying down some interesting grooves that would impress the best of the best Berklee College musicians. 

Natasha Owens is from Dallas, Texas. A singer/songwriter who’s quickly making a name for herself in the Christian, Country and Pop world, Owens has something more unique about her music, that being her passion. The song itself, is catchy and lyrically moving, while her words are bluntly honest and emotional. The song is about her relationship with a higher power, the kind of spirituality you only hear in a song from a true-to-heart songstress. She clearly has a distinctive artistic vision, the kind of sincerity you don’t hear often in music these days. The modern world of pop rock tends to be coated in high fructose content, where the producer paints around the core of the song for commercial reasons, but Owens’ music is pure and devoid of any top 40 cliches. “The Cure” is a well crafted single that hits the listener with a profound message of hope, restoration and desire. She has a calling, something more than just a singer or guitar player. Natasha Owens shines in the echelon of heroic performers like Audrey Assad, Lindsay McCall or Heather Williams, performers that give you more than just the music, but a message. I see nothing standing in the way of her success, and would highly recommend listening to her full length album (I Made It Through) for the complete musical journey she was born to deliver.