Monday, March 3, 2014

Charlie Dane: This One


There are few young stars with a sublime natural born talent as Charlie Dane. This is one impressive single from an ambitious and precocious singer/songwriter. Dane lives in New York, and has performed as much as singers twice her age. She is paying her dues as an entertainer and dazzling all that come to see. Her newest single is a pop hit if I ever heard one. It’s addictive, heart felt, and a toe tapper with a jaw dropping vocal performance. Most songs you hear on the radio today are forgetful by the half way point, but “This One” must be listened to on repeat. It’s near impossible to listen only once without pushing that play button again. I love the rhythmic acoustic strum that flows throughout the track, a country rock feel with singalong lyrics as perfect as any top 40 single of the past several decades. Lord knows this is just the starting point in Dane’s career, and a musician with these advanced skills at her age will surely dominate the mainstream once the music spreads. It’s only a matter of time before Charlie Dane is a household name and she is a true artist, one that Miley Cyrus should take notes from.


  1. This young lady has a voice that will bring tears of joy to your heart. Charlie Dane is a beautiful inspiring singer, song writer, guitar player, and key boards.

  2. charlie dane rocks!!!!!!!!!!