Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Beady Eye disband, Liam Gallagher may retire from music?

Liam Gallagher, best known as the world's most obnoxious singer or best John Lennon impersonator has called it quits. His most recent band, Beady Eye broke up and he's pushed away from any direct press interviews about it. The band never stood a chance in the media's eye, even though they actually were a great gig to see live. I mean, it was Oasis without the ugly brother, no? But the records do not stand on their own the way Oasis albums do. His older brother seemed to have the golden ear for hit melodies, while Liam the fashionista aka "the cute one". Was he ever the star of the band, or just riding on Noel's pot of luck? Regardless, Liam Gallagher did say in NME prior to the release of the album "BE" that he would retire from music if it were not a success. Well, was it?