Wednesday, June 8, 2016

David Bowie Rarities -- Including a Song For Frank Sinatra -- Unearthed For New BBC Documentary

Did you know David Bowie was once asked to contribute lyrics for a song eventually recorded by Frank Sinatra? As you might imagine, his version was rejected immediately, but Bowie’s version of “My Way” is just one of several rarities making their official premiere in an upcoming episode of BBC4’s four-part doc, The People's History of Pop.

According to NME, the crowdsourced documentary will feature Bowie’s 1968 rendition of “My Way,” a song eventually popularized by Frank Sinatra after he chose lyrics written by Paul Anka over Bowie’s. It will also contain alternate versions of the Bowie standard “Space Oddity” and his 1967 single “The Laughing Gnome.”

"The program is still being made, but we can confirm that there will be some rare and special Bowie material in it,” a BBC spokesperson confirmed to NME.

The doc’s concept involves fans offering their most prized memorabilia to help tell the story of popular music’s evolution from the mid ‘50s to the mid ‘90s. In Bowie’s case, biographer Kevin Cann gave the BBC access to the storied vault. The Bowie episode is the second installment in the series, which began back in April.

Some of these rarities are available on outlets like YouTube, though The People's History of Pop will give the masses a rare official glimpse. We leave you with Bowie’s “My Way,” based off music originally written by French songwriting legend Claude Fran├žois:

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