Saturday, December 31, 2016

Anti Pitchfork: Dave Abbruzzese trolls Pearl Jam over Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction snub with random non-sensical Facebook posts, continues to slander the band as he calls for them to defend his absence from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony...

Former Drummer of Pearl Jam- Dave Abbruzzese is obviously never going to get over being fired from the band and continues to slander Eddie Vedder since 1994. He was in the band for three years, played on two albums, and refuses to accept that the band did not get along with him and has moved on with their lives. He considers himself to be the 'iconic' Pearl Jam drummer who played during their most successful years. We have seen little evidence of a career from Dave ever since. He is a professional complainer who won't stop whining about every little Pearl Jam achievement he is not included in. It is becoming more and more obvious why this guy is not easy to get along with. This type of arrogant entitlement is what makes bands like Pearl Jam leave you behind. All of the other drummers that have played in the band have moved on with their lives and stayed on good terms with the band members. There is obviously something bipolar about Dave.

He has posted on Facebook slanderous comments about them being fake people without integrity, screwed him out of money and other baseless issues that are irrelevant to the public and fans of the group. Today, he has stated he does not care about making an acceptance speech or the award. So what does the man want!? It seems like he is gunning for some kind of explanation or apology from the band that will never come. Any group is allowed to fire a 'replacement' member if they are not satisfied with their work or there is a personality clash. He is not a founding member, nor has he been in the band the longest. Matt Cameron has been in the band for twenty years now. It seems this imaginary entitlement is all in Dave's head and he doesn't know how to move on with his life.

Perhaps he should have joined another band at the time of his falling out... Maybe Silverchair or Nickelback is hiring?

This pathetic war he refuses to let go of with Pearl Jam is embarrassing and only tarnishes the event. It's petty and baseless due to the fact that he was a hired drummer for a short amount of time relative to the band's entire career. To say, Dave was in the 'iconic' lineup, or that Pearl Jam has not continued a massively successful career after his firing is flat out wrong and inaccurate.

His Facebook posts are incredibly insulting to the band and he is directing his jealousy and anger in the wrong direction. He should challenge the Hall of Fame if he feels this is an essential mistake, but the more realistic perspective would be for Dave to move on with his life and be grateful for the few years and records he got to make with a legendary band. Things happen in the music business, people don't always get along and the bottom line is you have to live the consequences of your words and actions. He chose to take an adversarial side with them since 1994 and has slandered Pearl Jam time and time again. They have not said one bad thing about him since.

Move on.. get a life.. audition for a band..  maybe get on some form of anti-depressant.. but drop the whole entitlement thing. You're stuck in the past and it's not working for you.

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