Sunday, April 16, 2017

Michael Nesmith "Infinite Tuesday" releases April 18th

You know Michael Nesmith, of course, from his work as one of the members of The Monkees, but there’s so much more to this man than a wool hat, a flair for comedy, and a gift for songwriting, and you’ll be able to find out about the other sides of his life when you pick up a copy of his new book, Infinite Tuesday: An Autobiographical Riff. And after you’ve picked up a copy – or possibly even before then, in case you just want to be prepared for whenever you do add it to your bookshelf – we’ve got the perfect soundtrack for your reading: INFINITE TUESDAY: AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL RIFFS.

Yes, we know the titles are very similar. This is not coincidental.

Nesmith’s AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL RIFFS features 14 songs, starting off with a song from his pre-Monkees recording career as Michael Blessing, following it with a track from the Monkees’ self-titled debut album (“Papa Gene’s Blues”), and also offering two other Nesmith-penned Monkees songs: “The Girl I Knew Somewhere” and “Listen to the Band.” Beyond that, however, you’ll get a strong compilation of Nesmith solo songs, including his most famous solo composition, “Different Drum,” and taking you all the way up to his most recent solo album, RAYS.

Here’s the full track listing, so that you’re filled on what else the collection is filled with: 

1.    "The New Recruit" - Michael Blessing
2.    "Papa Gene's Blues" - The Monkees
3.    "Different Drum"
4.    "The Girl I Knew Somewhere" - First Recorded Version/Stereo Remix
5.    "Listen To The Band" - Single Version
6.    "Joanne"
7.    "Silver Moon"
8.    "Some Of Shelly's Blues"
9.    "Opening Theme - Life, The Unsuspecting Captive"
10.  "Rio"
11.  "Cruisin'"
12.  "Light"
13.  "Laugh Kills Lonesome"
14.  "Rays"