The band apparently have more new music on the way. In the meantime, you’re just going to have to play the jangly “Cool Slut” over and over while you tipsily get ready to head out to the show. I've subtly put this on at parties and hoped someone noticed the lyrics so that we could yell out, together, "It's okaaay, to be sluuuuutttyyyy:"
Opening for Chastity Belt is Seattle dark pop band Red Ribbon. Their music is a bit witchy, a bit synthy, a bit Lynchian. My colleague Dave Segal, comparing them to La Luz, described both bands as radiating an "understated cool with hushed, amber-hued songs that intrigue by luring you into a sonic world of interiorized moods and upholstering your mind with velveteen melodies, sung by dulcet-voiced women." Damn—check them out below: