Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Japanese synthesist Hinako Omori shares debut EP "Auraelia"

Japanese musician and programmer Hinako Omori has released her debut EP "Araelia" via Villette’s Injazero Records.

The London-based synthesist built the EP from four years’ worth of instrumental demos, lyrics and field recordings that she was able to thematically link and mould into songs after experiencing “a strange period of having daily migraines with auras for a month.”

“The physical reaction I was experiencing from the auras – the haziness/blurriness/partial loss of sight and spots of light surrounding every day vision – also seemed to reflect the emotions I was feeling at the time – confusion, lack of clarity, ambiguity, mixed feelings of hope and melancholy…”

The title track ‘Auraelia’ speaks to this same haze via fore-fronted, gently distorted vocals that Omori performs as if giving voice to the aura itself.

Auraelia is available now.

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