Saturday, November 16, 2019

Wintersleep Deliver Animated New Video for "Free Fall"

Wintersleep shared a new video for their song 'Free Fall', which arrived on a Record Store Day 7-inch earlier this year and was recently added to streaming services.

The clip finds the Canadian band once again linking up with filmmaker Christopher Mills, who also helmed the animated video for the group's "Forest Fire."

In a statement, the director offered the following about his "Free Fall" video:

"For me, this song is the sound of the wind if you're in a forever fall through a bright and colourful sky. If you were falling into infinity, it seems likely that, at some point, the world around you would become abstract, and you might imagine people falling around you, or the shapes of their bodies absorbed into clouds that would then shift and evaporate into even more abstract shapes."

The urgency of this music, romantically embracing what could be our last epic journey of a plastic-congested spin around the earth was something I wanted to turn into a bright and flashing dance video you could put up on your video projector with your friends. The construction of this idea and world is a bit like taking an old spinning rolodex, and adding layers upon layers of clouds, atmosphere, and people. Free Fall wanted to feel like a sort of cuckoo clock like installation that could sit on your desktop, for you to get lost in. Static paintings find their movement through spinning layers, and data-moshing. The video ends with a sombre reflection of the last fall from grace into a plastic polluted, dystopian sea, no less beautiful because of its floating forms, and endless blue colours.

You can watch the animated clip for yourself down below.

Wintersleep's most recent album remains this year's "In the Land Of". The band have a series of tour dates coming up, both here in Canada and overseas.

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