Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Tricky Announces 20, 20 EP, Shares Single "Lonely Dancer"

Father of trip-hop Tricky announced Tuesday that he would be releasing a new EP, titled 20, 20, on March 6 via his label False Idols. It’s his first solo release since 2017’s Ununiform. He also took to sharing the EP’s lead single, “Lonely Dancer,” which features vocals from Berlin-based artist and former political journalist Anika.

The track sizzles with downtempo attitude, quintessentially Tricky with a deadpan female vocal and gentle, smooth snaps. It’s a nighttime groove, sumptuous and world-weary. Known for his pioneering work, Tricky’s new offering is quite simple, to-the-point and unpretentious in its pure, post-rave structure.

Last year, Tricky released an autobiography titled Hell Is Round The Corner, a reference to a track of the same name from his debut album. The book charts Tricky’s progression from a troubled childhood to club legend, with musings on his professional relationships with artists also prominent in the ‘90s U.K. scene such as Björk and Massive Attack, along with his longtime partner Martina Topley-Bird.

You can check out “Lonely Dancer” below, along with Tricky’s 2009 Daytrotter session, the details of 20, 20 and Tricky’s upcoming tour dates.

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