Thursday, April 30, 2020

Kill The Giants new Ai inspired concept LP tipped for this year's Mercury Prize

Drones, Clones & Bio Machines is their second album and is a concept album about the future of humanity within a new society controlled by sentient AI beings.

This time the band harness AI driven samples mashed up from B movies and quotes from the likes of Adolus Huxley, William Wordsworth and 21st Century Philosopher/Physicist Leonard Susskind. The band describe the album as AI world indie prog. They are not afraid to question society and how these sentient machines will influence what it feels like to be human.

The album’s timing seems apt with the governments of the world introducing measures to combat the Covid 19 virus including self isolation, full-time working from home and social distancing. All these measures which are necessary in reducing the spread of the virus may also have the effect of making us ever more dependent on the technology that is here to serve us but may one day control us.

The first single from the album - Fake News calls out President Trump and the post truth world he is trying to create/manipulate. It was recently featured on Russia Today TV news where the band were interviewed and which has led them to be trolled by right wing Trump fans on social media.

The band have also produced an hour long film which features the album in its entirety interspersed with clips from the likes of Adolus Huxley, Albert Einstein, Elon Musk, HG Wells and Carl Jung.

Hotpress the influential Irish music magazine loved their first album "For The Gold" and said:

"Kill The Giants", a genre-bending outfit who manage to cram thrash metal, hip-hop, classical and world music into their particularly madcap cacophony. Even more weirdly, it works. "

The influential BBC 6 Music DJ Steve Lamacq recently featured the band on his 6 Music Recommends show.

John Kennedy the champion of new music from Radio X said the band: 

"Sounded Fantastic!."

Hippo magazine in the US gave it an A + rating and said:

"Like a kinder version of Ministry. The crew mix up hip-hop, world, big beat & thrash metal together, rolls it into a lumpy ball and hurls it at whatever's getting on their nerves at the moment."

The Odd Creative blog said:

"St Albans group Kill The Giants are known for fusing traditional world sounds with hard rock and bit-crushed samples. Fake News is no exception - repeating “fake news” samples over digital noise and celtic riffs. They cite B-movies, hip-hop and thrash metal as key influences, all of which come through in this piece. It’s a chaotic assault on it’s target, purely expressive in a way many bands will never be."

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