Thursday, May 28, 2020

Elliott Waits For No One’s Debut Provides a Powerful and Introspective Journey

Elliott Waits For No One (EWFNO) could be every singer/songwriters dream project. Spanning over multiple genres, EWFNO puts the trust into their instincts, working together to write with an intuitive approach. From the depths of truth and darkness of the ego-driven song Megalomaniac… to the bright, springtime feeling of hope in Ghost In The Rainbow, Elliott Waits For No One’s self titled debut album provides the listener a powerful and introspective journey, which could lead you to the end thinking, Who Am I?

Their debut album on Dark Star Records/SONY will be released on June 12th with pre-orders happening now. The first single Who Am I is now available as a instant gratification track when pre-ordering or you can listen to it on Spotify or Apple Music. The video for Who Am I is scheduled to premiere on Amazon Prime on June 12th.

The EWFNO story is unique to rock n’ roll in that it refutes the myth that burning out and fading away are the only two options available for those about to rock. It is readily apparent that the members of EWFNO never burned out, and they sure as hell aren’t fading away any time soon.

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