Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Ottomotor and their guitar-driven indie-smasher "Der Mann mit der Gitarre"

What does a symbiosis of Kraftklub and Tocotronic sound like? Like this: Ottomotor from Bern plug in the guitars in order to pay tribute to "The man with the guitar", along to puristic words.

Their choice singing in German is no coincidence. The story of Hansje Diesler, Matze Pulveraaf, Daniel Kurbelwelle and Michael Sturm aka Ottomotor start 2010 in Hamburg. On a stormy Saturday they met there for the first time in a pub, while they were working as ship mechanics.

Their common fascination: music. And technology, the petrol engine in special, the original type of combustion engine. Since the quartet moved to Berne eight years ago, the legendary Ottomotor has become their band name. In their new adopted home right next to Switzerland's river Aare, they not only enter the shipping business, but have also gained a foothold in the local music scene.

After collaborations with, among others, the legendary Chica Torpedo Horns, Ottomotor, who in their own words are committed to punk and like-mindedness open a new chapter in their band history: "The man with the guitar" is a statement.

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