Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Ruins and their new dreamful and intense indie-single "At the Apogee"

Zurich-based quintet The Ruins have one big dream: They'd like to leave the earth! Away from all the crises – what a vision! Their new single "At The Apogee" is about the forces that keep them on the planet after all. It's a song about the power in the same time that make them drifting away from their home planet.

Saying this, "At The Apogee" is a song about being lost in space, away from humanity, family, friends and fading memories of oneself. There's only one radical way that brings relief: looking into the boiling sun.

The Ruins have jam packed al these visions and thoughts in a guitar indie song, lead by grungy guitars, carried by a charming melody. It is wrapped into a slightly thoughtful voice.

One thing is also apparent in the Ruins' new track: There's not much left of the cosy acoustic-folk they played when forming in 2007. As a mature modern indie rock band, they now have gained a loyal following after countless concerts. What they leave open in fact is, whether they really will have enough room for all those people in their spaceship...

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