Tuesday, August 9, 2022

London's Dirty Water Records launches a full-service, garage punk, rock'n'roll mailorder & distribution platform: "14th Floor Music"

Ye Olde Dirty Water Records has spun off a distro/mailorder called "14th Floor Music".

Dirty Water has released some of the best in garage punk, beat, rockabilly, surf, punk, and psych for many years. But it's not just about our teenage nonsense anymore!

Slovenly! Trash Wax! Get Hip! Misty Lane/Teen Sounds! State! FOLC! Stardumb! Wanda! Beast! Monster Zero! Beluga! and twenty more ace "outsider" labels from around the world are now distributed in the UK and beyond by 14th Floor Music.

We've been working hard to get our shipping costs as low as possible...these are all shipped, tracked, and/or insured prices:

Format US UK EU Australasia ROTW
LP / 10" £9.99 £3.99 £8.99 £11.99 £10.99
7" / CD / Cassette £5.99 £2.99 £5.99 £5.99 £5.99

If you're an outsider music label that wants UK distribution, give us a shout.

Order at 14th Floor Music now!

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