Wednesday, July 12, 2023

THE DAY WE LEFT EARTH release their new single 'Melancholia'

Metal band THE DAY WE LEFT EARTH with frontman Martin Bjerke on vocals returns with new music. Their new single 'Melancholia' marks the release of their first EP and also includes previously released songs 'Eden', 'THNDR' and 'Smoke + Mirrors'.

"Melancholia is a song that goes deep into depression and that feeling of numbness. It talks about serious mental health issues and nihilistic philosophy. It's a tragic song - you could say it's our greek tragedy. 

Unfortunately, we think there are too many people in today's society who can relate to this song on some level. That’s why it’s so important to address the issue. We think there’s comfort in music, and we think there’s strength in unity."

For THE DAY WE LEFT EARTH’s world and universe, 'Melancholia' is the last chapter of their prologue. It’s the last piece of the puzzle, the flight of the raven. And with that, it marks the beginning of their story.

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