Sunday, July 9, 2023

Humanoids with their new EP "Echo Mistakes"

Over the past two years, HUMANOIDS have been diligently working on their music. From a plethora of songs, four were carefully selected and recorded in the summer of 2022 by David Langhard at Dala Studios in Winterthur. The new EP, "Echo Mistakes," marks yet another milestone in the history of these four musicians from Zug, who have been standing by each other's side through thick and thin for years.

The songs on the EP embody the DNA of HUMANOIDS, with an organic, intertwined, and energetic quality that remains in constant flow, even with deliberate breaks and reversals. As a Rock'n'Roll band, HUMANOIDS tell stories of errors echoing errors, they listen to the sun, and they marvel at the world around us.

Their handmade music is both sexy and clever, urgent and powerful. With sheer energy and abundant soul, they groove until the songs take flight. Dynamics and passion fuel the spirit of HUMANOIDS' music, which is filled with beauty, melancholy, and madness.

The songs delve into the daily absurdities that smile from every elegantly draped corner, as neighbors, kindred spirits, and other fools fall from trees, while the global orientation lies whimpering on the street with broken legs. But they also explore themes of love and life.

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