Friday, August 25, 2023

Aborted Tortoise and Ghoulies Tour Europe, Prep Split 7" via Goodbye Boozy Records

‘The music is better than the name’ – words that Aborted Tortoise have heard numerous times. A union of 5 idiots with many gripes, Aborted Tortoise began as a dumb high school band that soon grew to be a dumb mid-20s band. Alex (drums), Tom (guitar) and Charles (guitar) played their first gig at Tom’s sister’s 21st where they played Kids in America by Kim Wilde twice. They soon recruited John (bass) and Connor (vocals) and continued to churn out songs about bees, the Goosebumps book series, Coles minis, getting blasted into the sun and being born.

They continued to stumble their way into good luck, playing with bands such as King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, The Growlers and Ausmuteants. In 2018 they flew to Europe for some shows where they played in an abandoned basement, stayed in the worst hotel in Berlin and Connor almost lost his passport about 20 times.

With 4 releases under their belt as of 2021, Aborted Tortoise will continue to dominate the front end of your alphabetised record collections with their 2nd LP, ‘A Album’. With the power of nepotism, they’ve swindled their way onto the eponymous label, Bargain Bin Records, a comfy place for them to call home and continue to make ‘stupid music for stupid people’.


Ghoulies hail from Perth, Australia, and they play a frenetic brand of synth-punk. The group includes Aborted Tortoise and Kitchen People members, so you can expect plenty of art freaky weirdness here. The head spinning synth lines add to the circus atmosphere while sugar-pill punk drives the group’s surrealistic mayhem into overdrive. They sound somethin’ like a thirteen tricycle pile-up under an exploding piñata, but the band’s caustic wit should be disclaimer enough against eating their candy.

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