Friday, March 29, 2024


THE DROWNS, who recently announced their latest full-length “Blacked Out” (coming out February 16, 2024), have now unveiled their new 7” to give fans a preview of what to expect from the LP. “Just The Way She Goes / 1979 Trans Am” is a double A-side that has two rock ‘n roll bangers that showcases The Drowns’ penchant for writing 50’s inspired rock with a punk attitude! It will be coming out November 24th - just in time for the holiday season.

With rabid audiences worldwide clamoring for a taste of Seattle rockers The Drowns’ latest album Blacked Out, a 7” single release was inevitable! This presented the band and Pirates Press Records with a unique conundrum, however: how do you pick a single with an entire album chock full of wall-to-wall rock ’n roll anthems and no “B-sides”?

On an album of swaggering, glam-infused rock with punk heart, these two standout singles are bound to get fans’ motors revving and hips swaying, all the while building even greater anticipation for the forthcoming album!

Both of these singles pay tribute to very different vehicles and the lifestyles that go with them. “Just the Way She Goes” examines the life of a rock band’s relationship with their cantankerous tour van, as a metaphor for perseverance and optimism in the face of life’s adversity. “We all break down from time to time,” relates singer & bassist Andy Wylie, while the music propels the listener forward with enough spirit and energy to overcome any setback. “1979 Trans Am” on the other hand, fronted by singer-guitarist Aaron Rev Peters, is The Drowns’ take on the classic rock ’n roll story of “boy-meets-girl, boy & girl go for a joyride in a classic muscle car,” with a steady backbeat that will get any listener moving!


1. Just The Way She Goes

2. 1979 Trans Am


01/19/2024 - Bakersfield, CA - Temblor Brewing (w/ AGENT ORANGE)

01/20/2024 - Ventura, CA - Gigi’s Cocktails (w/ AGENT ORANGE)

02/16/2024 - Seattle, WA - Clock Out Lounge (w/ NOi!SE)

03/01/2024 - Morro Bay, CA - The Siren (w/ AGENT ORANGE)

03/02/2024 - Palmdale, CA - Transplants Brewing (w/ AGENT ORANGE)

08/01-04/2024 - Blackpool, UK - Rebellion Festival

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