Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Psych Rock Trio HOWLIN' JAWS Drop New Video Single, 'Bewitched Me' via Sophomore LP "Half Asleep Half Awake"

Howlin' Jaws, the captivating psych-rock band hailing from Paris, is ready to take on the anglosphere with its classic '60s soundscapes and psychedelic vibes with their latest LP "Half Asleep Half Awake."

The band's latest single and video release, titled "Bewitched Me," lives up to its name with its spine-tingling, '60s overtones that sound like a Munster Family TV theme poking fun with The Beatles and The Kinks. Combining enchanting melodies with hypnotic visuals, Howlin' Jaws takes viewers on a hilariously spooky, surreal journey through a crystal ball via a sultry character casting spells on the Parisian trio as they navigate around the ensuing chaos.

Comprised of Djivan Abkarian on vocals and bass, Lucas Humbert on guitar, and Baptiste Leon on drums, this talented trio has created an album that serves as a consecration of their musical journey.

Recorded at Liam Watson's renowned Toe Rag Studios in London - known for producing acclaimed albums such as The White Stripes' "Elephant" - "Half Asleep Half Awake" showcases Howlin' Jaws pushing boundaries by infusing psychedelic phases and thunderous rhythmic signatures into each track. The band's evolution demonstrates a coming-of-age moment as they experiment with effects to flesh out their sound spectrum.

Already making waves nationally, the record was released last month in France to resounding acclaim from the press and fans alike. The album garnered attention from esteemed publications such as Rock & Folk and Rolling Stone France who featured them on their covers.

Standout tracks like "Lost Songs," "Mindreader," and the title track itself deliver captivating ballads brimming with powerful nostalgic emotions. Other songs such as "Mirror Mirror" showcase experimental elements like sitar-like guitars and vocals run through Leslie speakers for a vibrato effect. Drum and guitar solos are also infused with phaser effects to further elevate the sound spectrum.

According to the band: "Two years ago, we didn't think we'd be experimenting so much and incorporating so many effects into our music. But now it seems self-evident to use them to flesh out the sound spectrum."

The overall aesthetic of "Half Asleep Half Awake," from the AI-designed artwork to the sound, perfectly supports the album's themes of dreams, clairvoyance, incantations, and mysticism. In essence, this second album can be considered their own version of "Sgt. Pepper" - an album where chemistry and sonic experiments give birth to frenzy, wildness, and emotion.

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