Sunday, February 11, 2024

Ride announce new album 'Interplay,' share "Peace Sign"

After hints we would be getting this news soon, Ride have announced their new album Interplay, which will be released March 29 via Wichita Recordings/PIAS. This is their seventh album and third since reforming a decade ago, and they co-produced it with Richie Kennedy.

“This album has taken a long time to make, and has seen the band go through a lot of ups and downs; maybe the most of any Ride album,” notes Andy Bell. “But it has seen us come through the process as a band in a good place, feeling able to shake off the past, and ready to celebrate the combined musical talents that brought us together in the first place.”

The first single is “Peace Sign,” which the band debuted live at the first gig of their North American tour last week and has nearly all the swirling Ride earmarks. “‘Peace Sign’ started life as a jam recorded at Marks’ OX4 studio, in early 2021,” says Bell. “We called it ‘Berlin’ and initially it featured Loz on drums, Steve on bass, and myself on a prophet 5 synth. About six months later I got hold of the recording and wrestled it into song form. Lyrically I was inspired by a film called ‘The Alpinist’ about the visionary free climber Marc-AndrĂ© Leclerc. Soon after I’d finished working on the song I remember I was raving to my bandmates about Leclerc at OX4, and a good memory of that time was us all watching that film at Mark’s studio.”

Ride’s tour with The Charlatans, where they are respectively playing Nowhere and Between 11th & 12th in full, hits Austin tonight (1/11) and rolls into NYC next week for a show at Webster Hall on January 18.


1. Peace Sign
2. Last Frontier
3. Light in a Quiet Room
4. Monaco
5. I Came to See the Wreck
6. Stay Free
7. Last Night I Came
8. Sunrise Chaser
9. Midnight Rider
10. Portland Rocks
11. Essaouira
12. Yesterday Is Just a Song

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