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Anupam Shobhakar is no ordinary shredder. Wielding seven- and eight-string fretted and fretless electrics, the intrepid guitarist aims to fuse the technicality of ’80s virtuosos with modern metal influences. Iron Axxis - his power duo with bassist Phil Duke – Shobhakar pays homage to Eddie Van Halen, Way of the Warrior’s namesake hero.. while the track also crosses into Vai-esque meditative phrases and Holdsworthian scalic runs.” - Guitar World Magazine

‘Words don’t feel necessary when you’re playing on the level that this duo is playing’ ..‘Based on Iron Axxis’ impressive output here, we’d have to say that Eddie [Van Halen] would be proud and honoured by what he would hear.’ –V13

New York's metal scene is growing and mighty, and bringing the genre to new heights is instrumental metal band Iron Axxis, exemplified on their new album 2286. Out March 29, 2024, the album highlights the band’s unique progressive, guitar-driven songwriting. "The sound is closer to Dream Theater than Van Halen, but there are some neat tips of the hat to Eddie, with some playful bends and whammy bar horse whinnies, while the track also crosses into Vai-esque meditative phrases and Holdsworthian scalic runs." (GuitarWorld) Iron Axxis played shows supporting the release, including one with Alex Skolnick of Testament at Main Drag Music Williamsburg.

The band states, “‘‘2286’ is our first full length album release. The album blends the high-risk Influences of the ‘guitar & bass guitar virtuosos’ of yesteryear and looks into the future by incorporating modern metal.. for a futuristic take on ‘guitar music. The listener will hear that ‘2286’ runs deep with their favorite metal influences with bad ass heavy riffage, thundering bass lines, and monstrous drum grooves, all while exploring metal through a wide cinematic lens, which ultimately takes it up a notch to an untamed guitar universe. "

Iron Axxis was forged from a friendship between Anupam Shobhakar and Phil Duke, two metal heads. They have worked together on previous recording studio projects and were in Book of Harmony, which was signed to Sony affiliates. Hailing from Brooklyn, they began to develop Iron Axxis at their studio in 2022.

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