Thursday, August 9, 2012

Blur: Under the Westway/The Puritan


"This is the new Blur single??" - most Blur fans.

If you add these two songs in your iTunes library to Parklife, 13, or any of your favorite Blur albums, it holds up. They're merely two more good Blur songs. "Under the Westway" is a electro-mellow piano based ballad, "The Puritan" a old fashioned Blur party rocker. They could have come out with another "Song 2", that's what fans were expecting. It's not a kick-ass single, but they don't need another hit. If you like Blur, there's no reason to hate this single. Hype can distort a person's reaction, in this case magnified by millions.


  1. I prefer the live versions.

  2. Me too. Perhaps these are mixes from an upcoming reunion album. we shall see...