Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mission of Burma: Unsound


This is the most outrageous, abnormal Mission of Burma album, and that's wild for a band like this. Burma is already highly experimental, cerebral music, but this album particularly is off their normal course. I am not saying any of this is bad, for them, they have to completely change direction to sound fresh, it's just more weird, than rock. It's punkier than punk. Noisier than usual. Roger Miller breaks every rule of guitar playing, and the band's vocals now feature all three members (Roger, Clint Conley, Peter Prescott) equally. It still has that Bob Weston production like the last three albums, but awkwardly in-your-face loud. So for being weird, and as per usually louder than anyone, I like this album. I find it interestingly off beat, like an abstract jazz record, but punk.

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