Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Smashing Pumpkins: Oceania


I lost Billy Corgan on his path to who knows what, with the album: Zeitgeist. I stuck with with him through all the Smashing Pumpkins incarnations, from Adore to Machina, but this is it. There’s something deeply missing since the 90’s. Zeitgeist sort of captured the Siamese Dream sound, Jimmy Chamberlain’s drumming had alot to do with that, but they’re doing nothing new now. I say call it quits and put the name to bed. Fans will find ways to justify Oceania as something special apart from the rest, and haters will always blame Billy for continuing without the original members, but both sides will probably agree that Corgan and co. have peaked.


  1. worst album of the year

  2. Fuck Billy Corgan in the ear.

  3. Was Billy Corgan that great or were the drugs better in the 90s?