Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Swans: The Seer


There aren't many bands that have been around as long as Swans, and particularly as great as Swans. Ranging from influences like CAN instrumental jams to lo-fi acoustic folk songs, Swans are as insanely intense as ever. Thank Jesus someone hasn't been altered by the current state of the music industry and stayed true to their passion, to make new music as fresh and inspiring with real instruments. Alas, we don't have to look to the computer programmers for ear-stimulating music. Swans prove their is so much more to do with actual instruments as opposed to DJ remix albums and underground techno producers that have taken over the ‘alternative' genre. There’s a civil war going on right now between the computer age and the last of the rock and roll generation. Great music is coming from both sides, but we need albums like The Seer to shake things up a bit. I would think any kind of musician or composer can appreciate that.

After immersing myself in The Seer, the only question lingering in my mind, is how the hell are they going to pull this material off live? But they do...


  1. Thank Fuck For Swans!

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