Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Four Tet: Pink


As I was saying, there’s a civil war going on between the electronic composers, and the organic musicians. Four Tet is the name used by Kieran Hebden for his experimental electronic music-oriented solo efforts, to differentiate from his work with post-rock band Fridge.

Pink is not bad at all, but not as cutting edge as Burial, Caribou or other similar artists  out there on the playing field. It’s pleasurable on many levels, but for this genre, you really need to break new ground to stand out. There has to be millions of people making this kind of music these days, and though Four Tet’s brand name is buzzing, not sure if his music is as good as the rest. Nevertheless, Pink isn’t a bad album, as I said, and it would make the perfect soundtrack for a Knight Rider movie.

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