Saturday, September 8, 2012

Animal Collective: Centipede Hz


I find this group to be annoying. I know people who like them, so I know there’s substance in their music, but the primary factors of the music are not to my liking. For example, the vocals are high pitched and squeally, the production is tinny, and the drum grooves are almost interesting, but the parts and changes aren’t. This is probably good drug music. Must be a wild trip to take acid to for a teenager. Some of it reminds me of Super Furry Animals, that futuristic sci-fi music thing. But still, I find this band annoying. Under any kind of experimentation should be a good song if there’s going to be verses and choruses. Feels like Animal Collective focus more on the production, and bugging you out, than the quality of the songwriting. I’ve also heard they are better live, so before I’m quick to disregard anything they do, I’ll give it another listen, but right now, this album is asking one musical question- Is it too weird? My gut reaction is Yes.

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