Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cat Power: SUN


Chan Marshall is back with a new album of all originals since The Greatest (2006). Critics are already calling this her best album. It’s a new direction for her music, mixing electronic beats with her signature vocal style. The acoustic country/folk element that put her on the map is almost non-existent now. Her rise in celebrity has definitely influenced her songwriting, as this is the closest I’ve ever heard her try to sound modern compared to her previous albums. There’s a bit of a dance element to it, but still skewed by her awkward vocal harmonies enough for a fresh new sounding record. I have to listen to it more, but it already raises the eye as one of her best accomplishments as a composer. There’s even a rap influence on the track “3,6,9”. The last Cat Power album to blow me away was You Are Free, which featured special guests like Dave Grohl and Eddie Vedder. Aside from her easily recognizable voice, it’s a totally different kind of music and a step into the avant-pop genre. She has definitely not run out of momentum with this new record and it probably will be noted as her best work after its official release.