Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bob Dylan: Tempest


Critics around the globe are frothing at the mouth over this. But it seems they always do whenever a new Dylan album’s out. I am a huge fan, but I thought his momentum stalled at Love and Theft. It was a great record because the old blues guy schtick was still fresh for him, but then he kept doing it and it got stale. Tempest got alot of praise already, for having extended songs, and deeper lyrics, but the overall vibe is the same. I feel like he is appealing to a different audience than those who love his classic records, and you can’t blame an artist for changing, or in his case, growing old. But something’s lost, and I didn’t find the words to be much deeper or any of the songs to stand out. The title-track, a 14 minute song with 45 verses and no chorus about the Titanic was supposed to, but it just feels like a long unfinished idea for a song that should have been cut in half.  Dylan’s obviously in his twilight years artistically. Perhaps he should continue writing the Dylan Chronicles Volume 2.

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