Friday, May 10, 2013

Suede: Bloodsports


After a decade off, The London Suede return with an astounding collection of anthemic new wave rock songs. Brett Anderson had been fine-tuning his vocal chops and hooky chorus melodies on 1999‘s “Head Music”. Prior to that, Suede were more of a gothy demented art pop group featuring the awkward guitar solos of Bernard Butler. But they’ve grown into a sophisticated pop band, ‘sophisti-pop’ if you will. “Bloodsports” continues where they left off in 2002 (“A New Morning”), with glamorously slick production and high brow pop imagery. Suede have found their place in the british rock world, too artsy for the mainstream but just enough feel-good numbers to grab your attention. “Bloodsports” made the top ten UK charts, a rather successful comeback for a band with a self-made fanbase. Their discography is divided, some prefer the older period with Bernard Butler and others choose the Richard Oakes era. I think they get better with each record, there’s an organic evolution happening.

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