Thursday, May 9, 2013

Snowden: No One In Control


I'd give this the 8, but half of these songs were released years ago on the "Slow Soft Syrup" EP, making the initial impact less enthusiastic on first listen. It's always a bit of a let down when bands do that. Still, songs like "Anemone Arms" and "No one in control" are of their best. Lead singer/songwriter Jordan Jeffares has gone through several musicians in 'his' band, and took his time (about 6-7 years) finishing this record. So to fans that waited in excitement, only half the album is newer material they may not have heard at live shows already. The highlight of it all is the single- "The Beat Comes". It's like the sequel to "Anti-Anti", a rhythmic song hovering under Jeffares' Colin Blunstone-ish vocals. He has that voice, the kind you have to be born with. A very tender and mellow whispery voice is his natural tone, and the signature of this band. All in all, taking into consideration that this may not live up to expectations fans had, it's still a great record and better than most indie albums emerging online. Snowden has a unique sound of their own, and offer some beautiful harmonies and lyrics to boot. Maybe the wait was intentional and a wise decision in a world where indie bands do not last long with or without success. Pacing yourself at you're own speed against what others want from you can be your only salvation in a dying music industry. I applaud Jordan Jeffares for that, but at the same time, expected more new tracks. We'll see if Snowden follows up with something newer quickly after this release, or another seven year wait.