Thursday, May 9, 2013

Primal Scream: More Light


This is the surprise album of the year! Some may have thought Bobby Gillespie had fallen into a post-Stones blues rock decline with "Riot City Blues", and "Beautiful Future" was good, but not the most groundbreaking record of their career. "More Light" fills in those gaps as one of the most experimental, super trippy albums of the past two decades. There are elements of funk, ambient electronica, and all-around acoustic psychedelia. Not only do they remind you of their acid-house "Screamadelica" sound they are known for pioneering, but the band enters new territory, free-form jazz of the likes of Albert Ayler. It makes sense they'd go there being that they've accomplished songs in just about every other genre. 

Bobby Gillespie, ringleader of the Scream remains an enigma. Exactly what does he play on these records? He is the mad genius in charge of this band, no?  And we heard the addition, or replacement of Mani on bass with Simone Butler. An odd switch being that Mani was technically skillful and Butler is more punk rock. Nevertheless, the new Scream is a remarkable achievement and a contender for best record of the year. Perhaps that's why they opened the album with a song called "2013". They're back, and here to stay.