Monday, September 2, 2013

Casinova: What I Need (single)


“Waking up is the hardest part, but doing what I do everyday has become the easiest thing for me.” – Casinova.

Young talent is a dime a dozen these days, with all the burgeoning artists trying to score a record deal with the majors, but a young talent that stands out always comes forth with obvious intentions for more than success and shines brighter than the rest of the competition. Critics, record heads, A & R people and the common radio listener can usually spot the few with that 'special' gift. Casinova, born and raised in Miami, Florida but now involved in the New York City scene, gaining a buzz off his recent single "What I Need" is more ambitious than most, aiming to greater forms of success. From legendary artists like Michael Jackson to modern stars like Chris Brown, Casinova's music is somewhere in between. His music is current with the vibe of an experienced singer whether he's new to the scene or not. "What I Need" is a slick, smooth R & B song with one of the catchiest hooks I've heard in years. Anyone that hears this track in a club or on the radio will take an instant liking to it. Not only is it a well crafted Pop song, but highlights Casinova's vocal abilities most impressively. I love the exemption of auto-tune, which typically would be used in this style of music, but I don't think he needs it. His vocals are naturally pleasing to the ear, much like the icons of soul. This is something we need more of in modern Pop music. The genre has fallen to gimmicks and overcooked effects, when it should focus on the artist himself. In Casinova's bio, it quotes Bruce Lee- "Don't fear failure. Not failure, but low aim, is the crime. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail."  I think that pretty much sums up where his career is going. When you're in that mindset and the music is as fresh as this, you're bound to make your mark and achieve your goals. The only thing to do now, is continue giving us great tunes and see where the chips fall. Something tells me, this kid is going farther than even he may know.

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