Friday, September 20, 2013



Although I applaud MGMT for sticking to their passion for weird artistic statements over catchy hit singles, this album falls short of substantial music worth re-listening to. The initial reaction is confusing. The music is unpredictable, experimental and sonically innovative. The band has also found their own sound similar to the previous record- "Congratulations". But these songs are father out there. The melodies do not tend to resolve in a likable way. Whenever you sink into a groove, the song changes drastically. The element of surprise seems to be their thing structurally. It is interesting music, whether you find a likability to the songs or not, but a mix of this new direction with some memorable vocal lines would have appeased the fans of their earlier music. It's hard to tell if this is a classic case of a band that achieved success early in their career and  are running out of juice, or are the 'hipsters' being weird for weirdness' sake. Throughout the album, there are groovy drum loops and haunting melodies reminiscent of the acid rock of the 1960's. I like that side of their aesthetic. But "Congratulations" had more of a focus on each individual song rather than one long piece of strange directionless music. Perhaps it'll grow on you with repeated listens, but I suspect the band could be out of the hit-maker game all together. I respect that choice, if it is a conscious choice, but I'd rather hear some good tunes. If I wanted to listen to avant-garde music, I'll put on Albert Ayler. This to me, is more like a demented Kinks record without the hooks.