Thursday, November 1, 2018

First look: new video for ‘Ultimate Mix’ of John Lennon’s ‘Gimme Some Truth’ unveiled

A new video for the ‘Ultimate Mix’ of John Lennon‘s classic ‘Gimme Some Truth’ has been released.

Originating from the sessions of what would become The Beatles‘ ‘Let It Be’, the protest anthem – which featured on Lennon’s classic ‘Imagine’ album in 1971 – has been given new visuals to render Lennon’s lyrics all the more relevant today as US citizens head to the polls for the mid-terms.

“I’m sick and tired of hearing things from uptight short sided narrow minded hypocritics,” mourns Lennon. “All I want is the truth, just give me some truth. I’ve had enough of reading things by neurotic psychotic pigheaded politicians.”

“It’s about politicians, newspaper men and all the hypocrites of the world,” Lennon said of the track. “And male chauvinists, it’s about them too. I think that music reflects the state that the society is in. There is nothing to hide. Not really. I mean, we all like to shit in private and we certainly have things we prefer to do in private, privately. But in general what is there to hide? I mean, what is the big secret?”

He continued: “I think it’s like this whole game of the press. When the whole drug thing came out about the Beatles, what actually happened was the press cornered Paul one day with the TV cameras and all the press and asked him, ‘Have you taken LSD?’ And he said ‘Yes.’ And they said, ‘Don’t you think that you have a responsibility to society?’ And he said, ‘Yes I do, and so do you, so please don’t publish this or print it.’ And they had it on every newscast that night with him saying, ‘Please don’t publish it.’

“Now what the hypocrisy of the press is like, what I was saying about the News Of The World is they’re always going on about other people’s responsibilities and pop stars selling sex to people when they’re the ones keeping the whole mill rolling. They have as much responsibility as us so-called ‘stars’ and that was a prime example.”

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